What kind of ROI can you expect from a thermal imager?

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What kind of ROI can you expect from a thermal imager?

The return on investment (ROI) you can expect from adding an infrared camera (also known as a thermal imager) to your inspection tool bag depends on many variables. First and foremost it depends on whether you are an industrial plant manager or a contractor/consultant. Here are some of the major ways that an infrared imager can contribute to ROI in each case.

Industrial Plant Manager
Industrial plants can potentially see a substantial ROI from using an infrared camera for inspection and troubleshooting, based on:

For home inspectors, energy auditors, restoration contractors, building and roof inspectors, HVAC contractors and other consultants, ROI is based on how much more money can be earned with a thermal imager. Here are some of the factors that can improve the bottom line:

Many factors contribute to the ROI for individual applications. To get a quick estimate on your particular situation, use the Fluke Thermal Imaging ROI calculator.

To read about how some real life companies and contractors realized an impressive ROI with Fluke infrared cameras check out some customer testimonials.

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