Digital Multimeter Buttons

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Digital multimeter buttons


1 On/off button.
2 Min Max: Stores input values; beeps when a value is breached and a new value is set.
Peak Min Max: Captures intermittent or transient events that occur on a monitored signal; captures the highest value in a very short duration (microseconds).
3 Hold: Captures and holds a stable measurement. AutoHOLD: Captures a measurement, beeps, and locks the measurement on the display for later viewing. Automatically updates with a new stable reading.
4 Function button: Yellow button activates secondary functions shown in yellow icons around the dial (often temperature and capacitance).
5 Menu buttons: Activates functions related to the menus in the display.
6 Audible signal: Activates continuity beeper.
7 Relative (REL) mode: Stores existing reading (a delta) and resets display to zero. Sets a relative reference point to measure against the next reading.
8 Cursor buttons: Permit data entry, menu scrolling, display adjustment, and other tasks.
9 Frequency and duty cycle measurement.
10 Range: Switches to manual mode and cycles through all ranges. Autoranging restored when pressed for two seconds.
11 (i)info: Displays information about present function or items on the display at the moment the button is pressed.
12 Brightness: Switches display backlight between off, low and high.
13 Select: (3000 FC only) Selects/deselects the highlighted wireless module in the display. Hold for 1 second to bind all selected modules to the meter and stop the discovery procedure.
14 Up/down: (3000 FC only) Moves the highlight in the display to the next wireless module shown in the display.
This is a composite image. Actual assortment and variety of buttons vary by DMM model.

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