Clamp meter display

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Clamp meter display

Information that can be viewed in a clamp meter’s display


1 Inrush is active
2 Temperature
3 Hold is active
4 Volts
5 Amps
6 Capacitance, measured in farads and microfarads (F or µF);
resistance, measured in ohms and kilo-ohms (Ω and kΩ);
direct current (dc); alternating current (ac); frequency (Hz)
7 Digits (measurement readout)
8 Low-battery indicator for remote display (Fluke 381 only)
9 Low-battery indicator for meter
10 Measurement being taken by the clamp’s jaw
11 RF signal is being sent to remote display (Fluke 381 only)
12 Continuity
13 Hazardous voltage is present
14 Measurement being taken by a flexible current probe
15 Minimum, maximum or average reading is shown
16 Min Max is active

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