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Fluke ScopeMeter® 120B Series Version 1.10.01 Firmware Upgrade

Firmware release V1.10.01 »

For Fluke 123B, 124B and 125B ScopeMeter Test Tools this software update has the following improvements:

  • Fixed issue in Fluke 125B Power Harmonics where VA, var and pf readings were not displayed
  • Fixed issue in Fluke 125B Power Harmonics where K Factor readings were incorrect
  • Fixed issue in Scope Recorder where Channel B attenuation factor was incorrect after recording was stopped
  • Fixed issue in Fluke 125B BusHealth mode where the eye pattern display was incorrect
  • Improved functionality of AutoHold so that it is not turned off after selecting F4 = Done

To update firmware:

  1. Download the firmware file
  2. Copy the firmware file to a Micro SD card
  3. Turn off the unit and remove all probes, test leads, and accessories before opening the battery door
  4. Open the battery door compartment using screwdriver
  5. Insert Micro SD card into the slot
  6. Power on the unit and press the MENU key
  7. Select USER OPTIONS
  8. Select Firmware Upgrade
  9. Follow the instructions on the screen