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Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer Electrical Combo Kit

The VT04 Visual IR Thermometer Electrical kit combines top rated tools - Fluke 117 DMM, 376 Clamp Meter and VT04 that offers powerful infrared on the go.

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  • Optimized for the world you work in, the VT04 Visual IR Thermometer Electrical Combo Kit includes:

    • VT04 Visual IR Thermometer
    • 376 Clamp Meter
    • 117 Digital Multimeter

    This kit is ideal for electrical professionals and:

    • stretches your tool budget further
    • is optimized to meet the demands of troubleshooting electrical systems at breakthrough affordability
    • adds infrared detection services to expand your business

    The VT04 Visual IR Thermometer provides a built in digital camera with a thermal heat map overlay to detect hot and cold spots instantly. The VT04 eliminates the tedious task of recording multiple measurements manually.

    See the Difference

    See how a traditional IR Thermometer and an entry level infrared camera make it challenging to communicate the issue on breaker 20.

    Visual IR Thermometer technology comparison Visual IR Thermometer technology comparison Visual IR Thermometer technology comparison Visual IR Thermometer technology comparison

    Visual inspection
    No issues are obvious to the naked eye

    Traditional IR

    Optimized for single point measurements

    Entry level
    infrared camera

    Challenging to see the exact location

    Visual IR Thermometer
    Digital image with heat map overlay provide context to instantly tell you the exact location

    Hot and cold spot trackers and temperature alarms help you measure with confidence knowing that you did not miss a hot or cold spot. In addition, the VT04:

    • Requires no training
    • Is designed to fit in your pocket
    • Uncovers hidden issues instantly
    • Documents needed repairs with a push of the button
    • Includes professional SmartView® reporting software to communicate needed repairs

    Download 15 Powerful Applications for the Fluke Visual IR Thermometer »

    The Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter offers accurate and reliable performance with a rugged design. The compact 117 True RMS digital multimeter is optimized to help you keep mission critical infrastructure up and running. The 117 Digital Multimeter:

    • Delivers true-rms ac voltage and current readings with 6000-count resolution
    • Min/Max/Average readings
    • Frequency and capacitance
    • Battery door is easy to access, so you and your Fluke 117 can stay on the job

    The Fluke 376 Clamp Meter offers optimal performance even in tight spaces with the iFlex flexible current probe which expands the measurement range to 2500 A AC. It also provides increased display flexibility, ability to measure around awkward sized conductors and improved wire access. Adapt to a wide range of current measurement situations. With true-rms voltage and current measurements, the Fluke 376 can read up to 1000 V and 1000 A in both AC and DC modes.

    The Fluke 117 multimeter and 376 Clamp Meter are independently tested for safe use in CAT III 600V environments.

    Stretch your dollar further, increase your productivity on the job and expand your business by documenting needed repairs with the VT04 Visual IR Thermometer Electrical Combo Kit.

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  • VT04 Visual IR Thermometer features:

    • Unlimited applications – See data sheet for powerful applications and details
    • Built-in digital camera – Every Fluke Visual IR Thermometer has a built-in digital camera
    • Exclusive thermal heat map blending overlay – With one button, blend digital images and thermal heat maps to instantly show the exact location of the issue
    • No training required - Fully automatic with built-in intelligence
    • True pocket size design – Less than half the size of an average infrared camera
    • SmartView® reporting software – Store up to 10,000 images per Gb on included SD card and make professional reports on included professional software
    • Automatic hot and cold spot trackers
    • Breakthrough affordability – Fraction of the cost of infrared cameras that require costly training and software
    • Powerful resolution with PyroBlend® Plus optics:
      • Best-in-class field of view: 28° x 28° (40% wider for tight spaces)
      • 4 times sharper images
    • Alarm and time lapse features
      • Hi/Lo temperature alarm – Find hot spots in seconds with the alarm feature
      • Time lapse image capture – Automatically monitor equipment over time
      • Automated monitoring alarm – Automatically capture images after an alarm has been triggered

    376 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex features:

    • iFlex flexible current probe expands the measurement range to 2500 A AC
    • CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
    • True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
    • Min, max, average and inrush recording to capture variations automatically
    • Integrated low pass filter and state of the art signal processing allows for use in noisy electrical environments while providing stable readings
    • Proprietary inrush measurement technology to filter out noise and capture motor starting current exactly as the circuit protection sees it
    • Ergonomic design fits in your hand and can be used while wearing protective equipment
    • Large, easy to read backlight display automatically sets the correct measurement range so you do not need to change the switch positions while taking a measurement
    • Soft carrying case

    117 Digital Multimeter features:

    • VoltAlert™ technology for non-contact voltage detection
    • AutoVolt automatic AC/DC voltage selection
    • Low input impedance: helps prevent false readings due to ghost voltage
    • Large white LED backlight to work in poorly lit areas
    • True-rms for accurate measurements on non-linear loads
    • Measures 10 A (20 A overload for 30-seconds)
    • Resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance
    • Min/Max/Average with elapsed time to record signal fluctuations
    • Compact ergonomic design for one-handed operation
    • Compatible with optional magnetic hanger (ToolPak™) for hands free operation
    • CAT III 600 V safety rated
  • Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer

    Key Features
    Built-in digital camera Yes
    Thermal heat map overlay Yes, five blending modes
    Image optics system PyroBlend® Plus optic *4x sharper image than VT02
    Field of view 28° x 28°
    Hi-Lo temperature alarms Yes
    Time lapse image capture Yes
    Auto-monitor alarm Yes
    Battery type Li-Ion rechargeable
    Training No training required
    Ergonomics Slim pocket-sized design
    Hot and cold markers Yes
    General Features
    Battery life Eight (8) hours
    Temperature measurement range -10°C to +250°C (14°F to 482°F)
    Temperature measurement accuracy ±2°C or ±2%
    Temperature measurement Yes, centerpoint
    Storage medium (micro SD card) Stores up to 10,000 images per Gb (Four (4) Gb card included)
    Infrared spectral band 6.5 μm to 14 μm
    Level and span Auto
    Focus mechanism Focus free, no training required with built-in intelligence
    Focus options-exclusive user selectable NEAR/FAR options NEAR < 23 cm (9 in)
    FAR > 23 cm (9 in)
    Dimensions 21 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm (8.3 x 3 x 2.2 in); < 300 g (10.5 oz)
    File format .is2 format saved to SD card. User can create professional reports or export images in SmartView (BMP, DIB, GIF, SPE, FIF, SPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF and TIFF)
    Safety and compliance CFR47: 2009 Class A. Part 15 subpart B; CE: EN 61326:2006; IEC/EN 61010-1:2010
    Warranty Two (2) years

    Fluke 376 Clamp Meter

    Diameter of measurable conductor 01.3 or 34 mm max
    Operating temperature -14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
    Storage temperature -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
    Operating humidity < 90% @ 10 to 30°C, < 75% @ 30 to 40°C
    Operating altitude 0 to 3000 m
    Size 246 x 83 x 43 mm (9.685 x 3.267 x 1.692 in)
    Weight 388 g (14 oz)
    Temperature coefficient 0.01%°C
    (< 18°C or > 28°C)
    Warranty Three years for electronics
    One year for cable and clamp assembly

    Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter

    Maximum voltage between any terminal and earth ground 600 V
    Surge protection 6 kV peak per IEC 61010-1 600 VCAT III, Pollution Degree 2
    Fuse for A input 11 A, 1000 V FAST Fuse (Fluke PN 803293)
    Display Digital: 6,000 counts, updates 4 per second
    Bar graph 33 segments, updates 32 per second
    Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
    Storage temperature -40°C to +60°C
    Battery type 9 volt Alkaline, NEDA 1604A/ IEC 6LR61
    Battery life 400 hours typical, without backlight
    Accuracy Specifications
    DC millivolts Range/Resolution 600.0 mV / 0.1 mV
    Accuracy ±([% of reading] + [counts]): 0.5% + 2
    DC volts Range/Resolution 6.000 V / 0.001 V
    60.00 V / 0.01 V
    600.00 V / 0.1 V
    Accuracy ±([% of reading] + [counts]): 0.5% + 2
    Auto volts Range/Resolution 600.0 V / 0.1 V
    Accuracy 2.0% + 3 (DC, 45 Hz to 500 Hz)
    4.0% + 3 (500 Hz to 1 kHz)
    AC millivolts¹ true-rms Range/Resolution 600.0 mV / 0.1 mV
    Accuracy 1.0% + 3 (DC, 45 Hz to 500 Hz)
    2.0% + 3 (500 Hz to 1 kHz)
    AC volts¹ true-rms Range/Resolution 6.000 V / 0.001 V
    60.00 V / 0.01 V
    600.0 V / 0.1 V
    Accuracy 1.0% + 3 (DC, 45 Hz to 500 Hz)
    2.0% + 3 (500 Hz to 1 kHz)
    Continuity Range/Resolution 600 Ω / 1 Ω
    Accuracy Beeper on < 20 Ω, off > 250 Ω; detects opens or shorts of
    500 μs or longer.
    Ohms Range/Resolution 600.0 Ω / 0.1 Ω
    6.000 kΩ / 0.001 kΩ
    60.00 kΩ / 0.01 kΩ
    600.0 kΩ / 0.1 kΩ
    6.000 MΩ / 0.001 MΩ
    Accuracy 0.9% + 1
    Range/Resolution 40.00 MΩ / 0.01 MΩ
    Accuracy 5% + 2
    Diode test Range/Resolution 2.00 V / 0.001 V
    Accuracy 0.9% + 2
    Capacitance Range/Resolution 1000 nF / 1 nF
    10.00 μF / 0.01 μF
    100.0 μF / 0.1 μF
    9999 μF / 1 μF
    100 μF to 1000 μF
    Accuracy 1.9% + 2
    Range/Resolution > 1000 μF
    Accuracy 5% + 20%
    Lo-Z capacitance Range 1 nF to 500 μF
    Accuracy 10% + 2 typical
    AC amps True RMS (45 Hz to 500 Hz) Range/Resolution 6.000 A / 0.1 A
    10.00 A / 0.01 A
    Accuracy 1.5% + 3
    20 A continuous overload for 30 seconds max
    DC amps Range/Resolution 6.000 A / 0.1 A10.00 A / 0.01 A
    Accuracy 1.0% + 3
    20 A continuous overload for 30 seconds max
    Hz (V or A input)² Range/Resolution 99.99 Hz / 0.01 Hz
    999.99 Hz / 0.1 Hz
    9.999 Hz / 0.001 Hz
    50.00 Hz / 0.01 Hz
    Accuracy 0.1% + 2
    1. All AC voltage ranges except Auto-V/LoZ are specified from 1% to 100% of range. Auto-V/LoZ is specified from 0.0 V.
    2. Temperature uncertainty (accuracy) does not include the error of the thermocouple probe.
    3. Frequency is AC coupled, 5 Hz to 50 kHz for AC voltage. Frequency is DC coupled, 45 Hz to 5 kHz for AC current.
    4. Temperature Range/Resolution: -40°F to 752°F / 0.2°F.
    Mechanical and General Specifications
    Size 167 x 84 x 46 mm (6.57 x 3.31 x 1.82 in)
    Weight 550 g
    Warranty 3 years
    • Models
      Model Name Description  
      FLK-VT04-E-KIT Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer Electrical Combo Kit


      VT04 Visual IR Thermometer includes:

      • Hard case*
      • Micro-SD card
      • Micro-SD conversion adapter to standard
      • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
      • Printed Quick Start guides (English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese)

      Available for free download*:

      *To lower pricing on the VT04, future inventory no longer includes the lanyard, the SmartView® software CD, and the Manual CD.

      376 Clamp Meter - True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex™ includes:

      • 18-inch iFlex™ flexible current probe
      • Coated instruction card
      • Safety information sheet
      • Soft carrying case
      • TL75 test leads
      • Two AA Alkaline batteries

      117 Digital Multimeter - The Electrician's Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage includes:

      • 4 mm silicone test lead set
      • Holster
      • User manual
    • Manuals
      114, 115, 117 Users Manual Download
      VT02, VT04A, VT04 Users Manual Download
      VT02, VT04A, VT04 사용자 설명서 Download
      VT02, VT04A, VT04 คมอผใช Download
      VT02, VT04A, VT04 Users Manual Supplement Download
      114, 115, 116, and 117 Calibration Information Download
      374/375/376 Calibration Manual Download
      374/375/376 Statement of Memory Volatility Download
      i2500-18/i2500-10 Quick Reference Guide Download
      VT02, VT04 Statement of Memory Volatility Download
      VT04 CE Declaration of Conformity Download
    • Application Notes
      ABCs of Multimeter safety: Multimeter Safety and You Download
      Clamp meter readings: Problems and solutions Download
      Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter drives the ghosts out of the attic Download
      Inrush current Download
      Proper use of clamp meters in commercial and residential settings Download
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    • Brochures
      Clamp Family Brochure Download
      Clamp Meter Selection Guide Download
      Fluke 11X Series Digital Multimeters Conversion Chart Download
    • Data Sheets
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      Fluke 117 Multimeter Data Sheet Download
      Fluke 376 Data Sheet Download
      VT04 and VT02 Visual IR Thermometers Technical Data Sheet Download