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Power and Energy Loggers

Fluke's comprehensive range of power and energy loggers are the go-to tools for creating energy usage profiles used to monitor power and energy usage, and target cost reductions. You'll be able to discover when and where you're wasting energy, optimize your energy use and reduce those losses.

Each model is designed to meet the needs of the intended measurement task, with safety ratings that match your particular environment. Available accessories ensure, safe, reliable hook-up and environmental protection guards against the levels of dust and moisture that you're likely to come across when deploying the analyzer. Finally, each product's application software makes downloading, analyzing and reporting power quality data as efficient as possible.

Three-Phase Power Loggers
Three-Phase Power Recorders
Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers

By continuously logging energy usage, Fluke's loggers can help you quickly and easily identify savings opportunities, providing a rapid return on your investment. Fluke's three-phase power and energy loggers provide a comprehensive range of data and reports that provide the proof of your savings.

When you're facing seemingly random power quality events that have no apparent source only a recording of the situation in complete detail will provide the level of information you need to discover the true source of the problem. Fluke's power quality recorders give you logged data, snapshots and event and transient waveform data in high resolution for days or weeks.

Get fast, easy access to the data you need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time. Compact and rugged, the Fluke 1740 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers are designed specifically for technicians and engineers who need the flexibility to troubleshoot, quantify energy usage and analyze power distribution systems.

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