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Fluke 700HTH-1 Hydraulic Test Hose

Fluke 700HTH-1 Hydraulic Test Hose
  • The Fluke 700HTH-1 hydraulic test hose is a 10,000 psi, 690 bar working pressure test hose that features stainless steel and nylon construction for use in connecting a Fluke-700HTP-1 or other hydraulic test pump to a unit under test.

    The Fluke 700HTH-1 allows connection to both a Fluke pressure module and a calibration unit under test from a Fluke 700HTP-1 hydraulic test pump simultaneously. 700HTH-1 is compatible with water and non-corrosive oil.

    • Hose and fittings connect directly to the Fluke 700HTP-1 test pressure port
    • Includes plugs and caps to eliminate fluid loss in hose, eliminates the need to re-prime the hose
    • Self-sealing fittings with easy finger tight connections
    • Low volumetric expansion and a negligible pressure drop at rated pressures
  • Mechanical and General Specifications
    Minimum bend radius 60 mm / 2.36 in.
    Temperature - 40°C to +120°C, ( -40°F to +250°F)
    Material Nylon, stainless steel, zinc, plated steel, and nitrile
    Dimensions .84 m (33 in) long without adapter fittings
    Weight 412.8 g (.910 oz)
    Warranty One year
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 700HTH-1 Fluke 700HTH-1 Hydraulic Test Hose
      Hydraulic Test Hose


      • Hose with (2) 1/4" NPT female output connections
      • (2) adapters that to convert ¼: NPT female to 1/4" NPT male (include sealing caps)
      • 1/4 in NPT female to 1/4 in BSP male adapter
      • Instruction sheet
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    • Manuals
      700HTH-1 Instruction Sheet Download
      700HTH-1 Fiche d´instruction Download
      700HTH-1 Anleitungsblatt Download
      700HTH-1 Foglio di istruzioni Download
      700HTH-1 Hoja de instrucciones Download
      700HTH-1 Instruction Sheet Supplement Download