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Fluke 789 ProcessMeter

Fluke 789 loop calibration multimeter has a 24-Volt loop supply reducing the need for taking a separate power supply when doing offline transmitter testing.

Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™ with Fluke Connect® Assets
  • Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™ with Fluke Connect® Assets
  • Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™ with Fluke ir3000 FC Connector and mobile device
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  • Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™
  • Fluke Connect®

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    Now compatible with Fluke Connect™ App

    The Fluke 789 ProcessMeter is the ultimate troubleshooting tool for electricians and instrumentation professionals, combining the functionality of a loop calibrator with the power of a digital multimeter. By equipping the 789 with a temperature measurement module and the wireless data logging capabilities of Fluke Connect™ with ShareLive™ video call (sold separately), process technicians can now do a lot more while carrying a lot less. And with its built-in, selectable 250 ohm HART® resistor, it eliminates the need to carry a separate resistor with you.

  • Features of the Fluke 789:

    • 24 V Loop power supply
    • Very large dual display
    • Enhanced backlight with 2 brightness settings
    • 1200 ohm drive capability on mA source
    • HART mode setting with loop power and a built-in 250 ohm resistor
    • 0% and 100% buttons to toggle between 4 and 20 mA sourcing for a quick span check
    • Externally accessible fuses for easy replacement
    • Infrared-port to process data in FlukeView Forms (V2.1) software

    Fluke 789 features that are also included in the Fluke 787:

    • Precision 1000 V, 440 mA True-RMS digital multimeter
    • 0.1% dc voltage accuracy
    • 0.05% dc current accuracy
    • Frequency measurement to 20 kHz
    • Min/Max/Average/Hold/Relative modes
    • Diode Test and Continuity Beeper
    • Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout
    • 20 mA DC current source / loop calibrator / simulator
    • Manual Step (100%, 25%, Coarse, Fine) plus Auto Step and Auto Ramp
    • Externally accessible battery for easy battery changes

    Safety conformance

    Meets 1000 Volt EN61010-1 CAT III standards and 600 Volt EN61010-1 CAT IV standards.

  • Specifications
    Current measurement Range 0-1 A AC or DC
    Resolution 1 mA
    Accuracy 0.2% + 2 LSD (DC)
    Range 0-30 mA
    Resolution 0.001 mA
    Accuracy 0.05% + 2 lSD
    Current sourcing Range 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA
    Resolution 0.05% of span
    Drive capability 24 V Compliance or 1200 Ω @ 20 mA
    Frequency to 19.999 kHz, 0.005% + 1 LSD
    Continuity Beeps for resistance < 100 Ω
    Voltage measurement Range 0-1000 V AC (true-rms) or DC
    Resolution 0.1 mV to 1.0 V
    Accuracy 0.1% Rdg + 1 LSD (VDC)
    Resistance measurement to 40 MΩ, 0.2% + 1 LSD
    Diode test 2.0 V shoes diode voltage drop
    Display current and % of span Yes
    Auto Step, Auto Ramp Yes
    Environmental Specifications
    Operating temperature -20°C to 55°C
    Storage temperature -40°C to 60°C
    Humidity (without condensation) 95% up to 30°C
    75% up to 40°C
    45% up to 50°C
    35% up to 55°C
    Temperature coefficient 0.05 x (specified accuracy) per °C (for temperatures < 18°C or > 28°C)
    Safety Specifications
    Electrical safety Designed in accordance with IEC 1010-1, ANSI/ISA S82.01-1994 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No 1010.1-92
    Overvoltage category IEC 1010-1 CAT III 1000 V
    IEC 1010-1 CAT IV 600 V
    Maximum voltage 1000 V RMS
    Mechanical and General Specifications
    Size (H x W x L) 50 x 100 x 203 mm (1.25 x 3.41 x 7.35 in)
    Weight 610 g (1.6 lbs)
    Batteries 4 AA alkaline batteries
    Warranty 3 years
    Battery life 140 hours typical (measurement), 10 hours typical (sourcing 20 mA)
    Shock and vibration Random, 2 g, 5-500 Hz
    1 meter drop test
    • Models
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke-789 Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™


      • AC175 Alligator Clips
      • Four (4) AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries (installed)
      • TL71 safety-designed test lead set

Fluke Connect is not available in all countries.

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