BETTER detail, BIGGEST display, BEST VALUE in their class*

Images were captured under the same conditions and from the same distance of 1.2 m (4 ft) by a professional thermographer and exported in a JPEG format. Except for the captions in the lower, left-hand corner of each image, images are displayed as saved by each infrared camera.

Fluke: Feature rich affordability at your fingertips.


Fluke Battery Charger

Prevent unexpected loss of power with pop in/pop out
replaceable smart batteries with handy LED charge level

Fluke SD Card

Easy image transfer and more flexibility with
replaceable SD cards (8GB FC wireless card and 4 GB
memory card included - a total of 12 GB of memory)

Fluke Ti90

Fluke Ti95

Build with Fluke Connect
The largest system of connected test tools in the world.

*Compared to industrial handheld infrared cameras with list prices up to $2,000.00 (USD) as of September 17, 2014.
**Within your provider’s wireless service area.