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Simplify troubleshooting: Making sense of electrical signals

Devices that convert electrical power to mechanical power run the industrial world, including pumps, compressors, motors, conveyors, robots and more. But making sense of voltage signals that control these electro-mechanical devices can be confusing and tedious.

This application note illustrates how a digital oscilloscope can test and display voltage signals as waveforms. Oscilloscopes simplify electrical signal analysis and enable you to:

Rely on the Fluke 120B Series Industrial ScopeMeter® Handheld Oscilloscopes when your work calls for detailed and accurate signal measurements, fast calculations, data storage capabilities and automated analysis.

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Move away from reactive to
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How much does unexpected downtime cost your facility per minute, hour, or day?

Prevent downtime by measuring key indicators on critical equipment so you can discover impending failures and schedule maintenance instead of reacting to downtime. Use the resources below to help create a successful proactive maintenance program.