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Infrared Camera Mounting Bracket

Mount your infrared camera to ensure stable image capture. Ideal for R&D environments to set up experiments that are easily repeatable.

  • Maintain a stationary position for your infrared camera, to ensure a steady stream of data to rule out anomolies created by infrared images captured from different angles or perspectives. Mount your infrared camera to keep a safe distance from the equipment being tested for temperature anomolies. This bracket is very easy to install, with only 6 screws needed.

    Compatible with RSE300 and RSE600 Infrared Cameras.

  • Measurement
    Size 5x6x0.4
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      FLK-RSE-BRACKET Infrared Camera Mounting Bracket
      Infrared Camera Mounting Stand for RSE300, RSE600
    • Compatible Products
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke RSE300 Mounted Infrared Camera
      Fluke RSE600 Mounted Infrared Camera