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What is ActionEco?

Short answer: It’s an expert forum on energy efficiency.

Longer answer: It’s company stories, energy audits, blogs, FAQs, news, and resources.

Take a look at ActionEco.

Who would want to visit the ActionEco site? If you’re a company executive, there’s a story about uncovering significant savings—how savvy company leaders are partnering with their professional maintenance teams to improve business results in unexpected ways. If you’re a maintenance professional, there’s a story about building your business case—tools, information, and ideas to partner in a company’s drive for excellence. For both of you, there are hot topics—the latest buzz about how to use best maintenance practices to improve business results.

One company story recounts how a Level 1 trauma center and major teaching hospital in Chicago, Illinois, saved $100,000 in energy in a year.

An energy audit article lists the top five places to scan commercial buildings for energy loss. The bloggers have lots to say. One blogger is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology at Purdue University; another is a journeyman electrician who has worked in nuclear and coal-fired plants, on railroad locomotives and in industrial manufacturing environments, and in commercial and industrial construction. A veteran business journalist, a senior instructional consultant for a major HVAC/controls manufacturer—these bloggers have credibility.

The site is worth visiting for the Resources alone. You can link to the latest on the US Department of Energy efficiency-related tax credits, or perhaps to an innovative vehicle online community that judges performance by fuel economy.

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