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The new Fluke 810 Vibration Tester, it's like nothing else

The New Fluke 810 Vibration Tester is so different, Fluke even hesitated calling it a vibration tester. Yes, it tests for vibration. But then it compares those vibration readings to a vast library of vibration readings from comparable machines and produces a diagnosis - on the spot.

The Fluke 810 doesn’t replace high end vibration monitoring systems, or the knowledge of an expert vibration consultant. But what it does do, for mid-sized plants with lots of mechanical equipment, is provide an easy-to-use means to assess machine health, any day of the week. You don’t need prior measurement history to obtain results, and you don’t have to wait for analysis of the data.

Top equipment applications for the 810:

  1. Motors
  2. Fans and blowers
  3. Belts and chain drives
  4. Gearboxes
  5. Pumps
  6. Compressors
  7. Spindles

Common root causes of mechanical failure:

  1. Bearing problems
  2. Misalignment
  3. Unbalance
  4. Looseness

How it works

The Fluke 810’s unique design and intuitive user interface makes it easy to test machine vibration. Enter information about the piece equipment under test, mount the sensors, start the measurement, and get a diagnosis on

  1. whether there is a vibration issue, and if yes, how severe
  2. possible root causes

Anticipate problems earlier, address recurring failures, and bridge the gap in skills required to test for vibration.