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What would you do with a Fluke Distance Meter?

August 2012

Fluke laser distance meters make it super easy to measure and calculate distance without breaking out a tape measure. Professionals all across building, construction, manufacturing, electrical, maintenance, energy, inspection, and HVAC industries have thought up thousands of great applications for them.

Chuck's desktop

The feature-rich Fluke 424D Distance Meter includes a tilt sensor for hard-to-reach measurements, corner angle feature, compass, and more.

So what would you measure with one? Here are a few (not work-related) ideas:

  • Distance to the remote control?
  • Height of the lawn. Does it really need to be mowed?
  • Optimum viewing distance to that new, high-def big screen?
  • Length of your fifth wheel with that custom Bayliner in tow?
  • How far is the recliner form that cold one in the fridge?
  • How far you managed to stay up on your kid's rollerblades before you crashed?

And…they're quite useful at work, too.

The newest members of Fluke's family of laser distance meters are the Fluke 414D, 419D, and 424D. These three just-released models deliver accurate, point-and-click measurements up to 100 meters (330 feet). They have these new features:

  • Integrated compass - provides a heading for distance measurement.
  • Inclination sensor - assists with height tracking, leveling, and indirect horizontal measurement when a line of sight is blocked.
  • Automatic endpiece correction - when measuring from an edge or corner, a built-in sensor detects the position of the bracket and automatically changes the reference point.

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