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Start the new year with a new webinar

January - February 2013

If one of your new year's resolutions is to improve your job skills, take advantage of the ongoing series of free webinars from Fluke. You can participate in a live webinar or view a recorded webinar on demand, at your convenience.

A list of recent webinars follows. Webinars are added often; check out the webinar site for even newer ones.

Introduction to CNX Wireless Digital Multimeters - the Latest in Wireless Technology in DMMs

New Fluke Webinars

A webinar that provides an overview of the latest in wireless technology being used in digital multimeters (DMMs), for use in MRO and OEM applications. During this webinar we will discuss how wireless technology allows for safer and more efficient measurements.

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Introduction to Motors and Drives - Course Overview

This course on troubleshooting motors and drives in industrial and commercial applications is offered in two formats: 1) a four-part webinar detailing the technology of drives and the measurements for troubleshooting motors and drives and 2) a workshop providing a hands-on experience of using the test equipment and making the actual measurement on a drive system. After viewing this 15-minute course overview webinar you will know which format is right for you.

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Introduction to Motors and Drives - Principles

Fluke understands how critical it is to keep your motors and drives working at peak efficiency to maintain uptime and save costs. This webinar enhances understanding of motor troubleshooting fundamentals: the internal parts of the motor, the motor drive inverter, and testing tools and safety ratings.

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Introduction to Motors and Drives - Input Measurements

Describes the measurements you can make when troubleshooting the input side of a motor drive, along with when and why to use each measurement type.

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Introduction to Motors and Drives - Output Measurements

Covers drive and output measurements that you can use to troubleshoot issues between the drive and the motor.

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Introduction to Motors and Drives - Drive Train Measurements

Learn about the most frequent measurements on the drive train side of a motor drive and use the results to isolate and fix common issues. This session will first review the available measurements and the sequence for taking those measurements, then which Fluke measurement tools can be used to make the measurements.

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Electrical Energy Efficiency Measurement Principles

This webinar is focused on how facilities personnel can identify where their energy dollars are being spent along with uncovering inherent energy waste. With the introduction of easy-to-use Fluke tools, quantifying consumption and uncovering system waste can be done by qualified electrical personnel without energy auditing experience or background. Get started saving energy and money right away.

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Understanding the Benefits of Vibration Testing

Even small organizations will benefit from this webinar, which explains vibration setup, measurement, and machine fault diagnostics. The presenter will teach you how vibration analyses are within your reach by explaining how extensive setup, trending, analysis, and an on-site expert are not needed to get machine condition answers. If you're interested in getting the benefits of vibration testing - fewer production losses, lower maintenance costs and increased machine reliability - this webinar is for you.

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Electrical Measurement Safety

This hour-long session provides an awareness of electrical measurement hazards, a better understanding of the safety specifications for digital multimeters and testers, an understanding of the four installation measurement categories, and methods to minimize and avoid electrical measurement hazards.

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