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Meet our best-in-class wireless infrared cameras

Ti90 and Ti95 with Fluke Connect™

December 2014

"Everybody on the call can see the same images and measurements remotely that you're seeing on site"

If you're a maintenance, troubleshooting, or HVAC/R technician and you don't yet have an infrared (IR) camera, you're probably looking at adding one. Thermal imaging with an infared (IR) camera is a great way to find problems detectable by temperature differences, such as loose or corroded connections, worn bearings, damaged or leaking pipes or heating ducts, defective valves and steam traps, and the list goes on. With an IR camera you can find these problems early during regular preventive maintenance inspections, before they become major cost sinks.

Maybe you haven't yet pulled the trigger on purchasing an IR camera because you (or your manager) thought these cameras were either too expensive or too complicated to use. You might want to take another look. Fluke recently introduced the Fluke Ti90 and Ti95 Thermal Imaging Cameras with Fluke Connect™ - that are easy to use and easy to afford, and provide wireless connectivity.

HVAC application for Fluke Ti95

HVAC application for Fluke Ti95.

While these IR cameras may be priced for everyday use, there's nothing low cost about their features or performance. Both models deliver best-in-class image quality with up to 84 percent better spatial resolution compared to industrial handheld infrared cameras in the same price range, based on MSRP as of August 28, 2014. That means you can stand even farther away from the target and still see the issue. You can easily view the results on the rugged 3.5-inch (8.8 centimeter) color LCD screen and even adjust the brightness for whatever lighting conditions you encounter.

First wireless IR cameras in their price class

However, the biggest news is that the Ti90 and Ti95 feature Fluke Connect mobile compatibility. In fact they're the only wireless industrial handheld IR cameras in their price class (established May 1, 2014). Their wireless capability means that you can transmit images and measurements from your Ti90 or Ti95 in real time to any smart phone that has the Fluke Connect Mobile App. That makes it easy to share results with as many of your team members as you want simultaneously, using Fluke Connect ShareLive™ video call functionality, while you're still at the test site. Everybody on the call can see the same images and measurements remotely that you're seeing on site. It'll definitely expedite approvals, so you can perhaps proceed with the repairs in the same service call.

Storage, storage, and more storage

When it comes to storing all the images and data you collect with the Ti90 and Ti95, you have choices. You can store all your images to a removable 4 GB SD memory card or an 8 GB Fluke Connect™ wireless SD Card - both come with the camera. Then you can pull the SD card out of the camera at the end of your shift and put it in your PC to upload your data when you have time. This is especially handy if you share an IR camera with other technicians, because you can pass the camera along to the next shift, without waiting for the data transfer. However, if that isn't an issue you can transfer images directly from the camera to your PC by way of the included USB cable.

And those aren't your only storage options. You can also save data from your smart phone to EquipmentLog™ history in secure Fluke Cloud™ storage for easy access by all authorized users. You can in fact store all measurements (thermal, mechanical, electrical, and vibration) for a specific piece of equipment - in one cloud location. Then you and other authorized team members can quickly access that data in the field to compare real time measurements to baseline data to identify problems and make better decisions faster.

The Ti90 base model includes all the features mentioned above as well as 80 x 60 resolution, a hinged lens cover, and a 2-megapixel built-in digital camera.

The Ti95 includes everything the Ti90 has, with a few more perks. It features:

  • Higher - 80 x 80 - resolution
  • IR Fusion® Picture-in-Picture technology, which places an infrared window within the digital image so you can see the IR image in context
  • An adjustable hand strap for right or left hand use

Includes SmartView software for analysis and reporting

IR Fusion® Picture-in-Picture technology

With the IR Fusion® Picture-in-Picture technology you can view an infrared window within the digital image, so you can see the IR image in context.

Both cameras include SmartView® IR Analysis and Reporting Software that you can use to view, optimize, and analyze IR images on a PC, or create fully customizable, professional-looking reports. SmartView software also gives you Picture-in-Picture and AutoBlend™ modes for working with images from both cameras on your PC. With AutoBlend you can blend IR and visible images in a single view to highlight problems more clearly.

The Ti90 and Ti95 are part of the growing family of more than 20 Fluke Connect wireless tools. With the Fluke Connect app you can connect and collect data from up to 10 wireless Fluke test tools at a time, including digital multimeters; IR cameras; insulation testers; process meters; and voltage, current and temperature modules. You can download the Fluke Connect app for your smart phone at no charge from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.