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Habitat for Humanity builds better houses with thermal imaging

It goes without saying that Habitat for Humanity is an amazing organization. They do so much, using donated resources and labor, to help so many. And in Washington State, the Tacoma Pierce County affiliate is now building homes that save energy. From the design to the components to the inspection, Habitat is rethinking how to build new homes and then applying that knowledge to refurbish existing homes as well - another great way to make use of existing resources.

One of the ways Habitat is learning about energy is to study air leakage in their houses, using a Fluke thermal imager. In the following video and story, see a team learning how to inspect a recently constructed Habitat home. It's very well built, but thermography shows how it could be built even tighter.

As Habitat points out, the labor is free, so if it takes a little longer to hang the insulation just right, it's worth it. Everyone wants to reduce their monthly energy bill, but it means even more to a lower-income family.