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Collecting important measurements with your thermal images

June 2013

Fluke thermal imagers have proven indispensable for maintaining, troubleshooting, and inspecting all kinds of electrical equipment - from switchgear and breaker panels to transformers and motors. Thermal imagers help you quickly discover and diagnose issues at a relatively safe distance and then save the images for appropriate action, communication, and reporting.

Until now, collecting all of the other information you need for your analysis and reporting has involved a lot of separate paper and pencil notes. Measurements of current load and voltage, for example, had to be recorded separately and then placed independently into a report, in order to link them to an infrared image. Even something as simple as verifying and documenting that you had at least 40 percent nominal load for a proper infrared electrical inspection, or documenting a current unbalance situation, required extra work. The work itself is not usually the issue - the problem was trying to pull together all of your notes on various pieces of paper and then remembering where you put them. Times have changed!

Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer

Add current, voltage, and contact temperature measurement to thermal images

Now Fluke has created an easy, reliable, and fast way to add current, voltage, and temperature measurements to the thermal images taken with your Fluke thermal imager. We’ve expanded the Fluke CNX™ Wireless Test Tools system to work with Fluke Ti125, Ti110, Ti105, TiR125, Tir110, TiR105, and Ti100 thermal imagers. As a result, you can wirelessly capture and display electrical measurements, and others, right on the imager. That means one person can capture thermal images and multiple electrical measurements all at the same time, with a convenience and reliability that you have never had before. Believe it or not, this innovative system will transmit information up to 20 meters away in most cases.

The new wireless capability is available for all of the Fluke thermal imager models listed above. If you already have one of these imagers, you can upgrade the firmware to incorporate these wireless capabilities for free. Once upgraded, your thermal imager can capture and display AC current, AC voltage, and/or contact temperature readings from up to five CNX wireless modules at a time.

Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer

Enhance your thermal imager to make it an even more powerful tool*

To add the CNX wireless capability to your existing Fluke thermal imager, you need to update your firmware. To do this, simply connect your Fluke thermal imager to an internet-connected PC and update your SmartView® software to the latest version. If you have not connected your imager for a while, it may automatically update firmware with your permission. Then, in your SmartView® software on your PC, select the dropdown menu under the thermal imager icon. Select “Enable CNX Wireless System” and follow the instructions to download the firmware.

After the firmware is downloaded, your thermal imager is ready to communicate with the CNX wireless modules. Your thermal imager can collect measurements from as many as five modules at once. They can be all the same type of module or any combination of the available CNX modules, including the v3000 AC Voltage, a3000 AC Current, i3000 iFlex™ AC Current, and t3000 K-Type Temperature module.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just connect the wireless modules to the equipment you want to test - for example, to each conductor in a three-phase electrical panel or conductors in a motor junction box. Power up each module and push the “wireless” button on each to turn on the wireless radios. Turn on your thermal imager, go to the “CAMERA” menu, select “CNX,” choose “ON,” and you will be up and running fast. Check out the quick demo to see how easy it is to set up.

Easy reporting and analysis

You can save the measurement readings recorded in the imager along with the related infrared (IR) image and use them in Fluke SmartView® software on your PC to view, annotate, edit, and create reports. This saves the hassle of having to take electrical measurements separately and write them down. And it saves time by keeping all the related data in one place for easy access for further analysis or reporting. Having measurements integrated with the thermal images will help you better analyze problems and produce more thorough documentation with added validity and confidence.

Furthermore, the CNX modules that you are using with your thermal imager meet CAT III 1000V and Cat IV 600 V safety standards, and can be used as standalone tools or with the Fluke CNX 3000 wireless digital multimeter. You can use them to capture measurements over time and then download those results to a computer later for reporting, tracking, and documentation, so you’ll get maximum value from each module.

If you already have one of the Fluke thermal Imagers listed above, update your firmware now so you can take advantage of these new wireless features. If you’ve been looking to buy a thermal imager, check out the full line of Fluke thermal imagers with wireless capabilities.

Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer

*Please note that the CNX™ Wireless System, and/or ability to activate this firmware on Fluke Ti1XX Series thermal imagers, is not presently available in all geographies.