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The new site from Fluke

Real-time opportunities to increase energy efficiency and operational excellence

When energy prices (not gasoline, but rather electricity) not only rose but then fluctuated like mad last year, it made a big impact on overhead costs for most facilities. Then the second punch landed; the economy plummeted.

In response, Fluke has launched a unique web site: The site is for both facility managers and facility consultants. It's a community where the two meet, exchange questions and answers, and develop energy saving plans. It's also full of up-to-the-minute energy conservation information and resources.

The site has just begun. It has four expert bloggers, a news feature, profiles of successful energy initiatives, and it's building a consultant directory. Look for the directory to grow into a full-fledged social networking tool, and for the blogging, articles, and news updates to similarly expand.

Whether manufacturing or commercial, public or private, just about every facility is examining its books trying to save costs. As many have learned the hard way, there are smart and not-so-smart ways to do this.

Turns out that reducing energy consumption is not only smart, it's relatively easy. Conducting an energy audit will identify both immediate changes and long-term opportunities.

Take a look at to learn more.

In particular, read how the Danaher Corporation (parent company to Fluke) identified $356K in energy and recycling savings at just one facility, in three days of work.