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Fluke temperature calibrators deliver high accuracy, speed, and convenience

Single-function tools perform narrow set of tests quickly, with high accuracy

Februrary 2015

"They can automatically change the temperature signal-source signal"

If you're responsible for maintaining the accuracy of process temperature transmitters and chart recorders, or testing input cards on process control systems, you know that sometimes you need a single-function tool that can perform a narrow set of tests quickly and with high accuracy. The Fluke 712B RTD and 714B Thermocouple Temperature Calibrators are the right tools for the job. These single-function tools measure and simulate process temperature sensors for quick and easy calibration.

If you're familiar with their predecessors (the Fluke 712 and 714) you'll find the new 712B and 714B just as easy to use. You'll also find a lot of improvements inside and out.

For starters, both the 712B and the 714B support a wider range of temperature sensor types and measure 4 to 20 milliamp (mA) signals while simultaneously sourcing temperature. The Fluke 712B measures and simulates 13 different resistance temperature detectors (RTD) so you can test just about any RTD input device without having to use resistance look-up tables. Similarly, the 714B measures and simulates 17 different thermocouple types, as well as millivolts, so you don't need to refer to millivolt look-up tables for rare thermocouples. Add an optional RTD probe to the 712B or an optional thermocouple probe to the 714B and you're all set to perform precision temperature measurements.

From a usability standpoint, both calibrators are more streamlined and smaller in size than the previous models, for easier handling. Both offer a bright, backlit dual display so you can read temperature and mA at the same time. Both tools can scale the measured mA to the programmed 0% and 100% values scaled in a temperature transmitter. And they can automatically change the temperature signal-source signal, using the linear output ramp or 25% step ramp modes.

In addition to high accuracy and wider workload, both the 712B and the 714B are about convenience. Both models save existing settings at power down, so you can quickly restart the tests when you power back up. And both feature an integrated magnetic hanging tool for easy mounting on a ferrous surface or looping around conduit or a pipe. So you get speed, accuracy, and convenience, all in a durable Fluke single-function tool. For more information visit the temperature calibration tools web page or ask your local Fluke distributor.