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New Fluke accessories keep you prepared, organized…and safer

January 2012

The FTP-1 fused test probe

The FTP-1 fused test probe fits on any Fluke modular test lead, and provides an additional level of measurement protection when making voltage or current measurements.

A Canadian province, the United Kingdom, and numerous companies and organizations recommend or mandate the use of fused test probes to help protect users of test instruments from unforeseen incidents. A fused test probe is, literally, a test probe that contains a fuse. These are built-in replaceable fuses. Fluke provides protection through fusing in its digital multimeters (DMMs), but fused probes provide protection to those who have multimeters that lack the protection designed into Fluke models.

In addition to meeting entity and organizational requirements for fused test probes, you might also want fused probes because you’re interested in additional levels of protection. Fused test probes help protect against arc blast and fire when making voltage or current measurements, as well as against transients on a measured circuit when the transients exceed the capability of the instrument to withstand transients—such as when lightning strikes.

Fluke LeadWrap

The Fluke LeadWrap, a handy hook-n-loop fastener, secures and stores your cables and test leads.

Fluke’s new fused test leads and probes, the FTP-1 and FTPL-1, incorporate other features in addition to the fuse. If the probe fuse blows, the probe will still allow the meter to indicate live voltage. Voltage readings with a blown fuse are approximate and vary with the meter impedance. Before and after each measurement, test for the presence of a blown fuse by checking the continuity of the fused test probe. Current mode will not operate correctly with a blown fuse.

The fused probes and leads have CAT III 1000 V ratings and removable guards. This rating requires a 4 mm or less metal test tip. The probe tips are 4 mm in length with the guard installed and 19 mm in length with the guard removed. Additionally, a threaded removable lantern-style spring contact enables the fused probe tips to be used in applications that require a 2 mm or 4 mm tip diameter.

The FTP-1 and FTPL-1 fused test probes are important additions to your test equipment tool kit:

  • Fluke FTP-1 fused test probes mount onto any modular Fluke test lead with a 4 mm banana plug, such as the TL224.
  • Fluke FTPL-1 fused test lead is a combination test lead and probe set.
  • Fluke AC285-FTP set enables the use of Fluke’s fused test probes with large alligator clips; it includes an AC285 extra-large alligator clip with test probe adaptors. The AC285 alligator clip has strong, nickel-plated steel jaws that can grasp up to a 20 mm (0.75 in) nut tightly.

You can neatly store your Fluke accessories with Fluke LeadWrap hook-n-loop fasteners. LeadWrap fasteners enable you to secure your test leads or cables when not in use. Available in packs of three to secure numerous sets of leads or cables.