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Want to prevent expensive unplanned downtime?

Find out how to apply handheld test tools to proactive maintenance

April 2012

Want to prevent expensive unplanned downtiime?

Unplanned downtime caused by equipment failures costs manufacturers up to 3 percent of revenue every year. That’s 30 percent less profit, or $30 million of potential savings directly to the bottom line, for a $1 billion manufacturer with a net income of $100 million.

Proactive maintenance - measuring key indicators on critical equipment to discover impending failures and then scheduling maintenance before equipment failures and downtime - is far more cost-effective and efficient than waiting to perform maintenance when failures occur.

To implement a proactive maintenance program, it’s important to know not only which equipment needs repair, but also the root cause of impending failures. Using test tools to regularly measure key indicators on critical equipment helps technicians uncover the root causes of emerging failures.

You’ll want to know the specifics about proactive maintenance cost savings, integrating tools and programs, and measurement guidelines. We cover proactive maintenance and insulation resistance to ground, temperature, thermal imaging, vibration testing, resistance, voltage balance, current balance, and inrush current in the complete article.

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