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The suggestions on this page are part attitude, part measurement skill. Save your customers money, use your tools for additional value, added services, find training that addresses new trends, and look good in front of the boss by brushing up on those skills.

While these topics are primarily aimed at contractors, other technicians should find opportunities in these tips, too.

Some measurements can open up a whole new sales opportunity for your business (using AirMeters for indoor air quality response; using power loggers for energy audits; using thermal imagers for building restoration).

Sometimes there's a new regulation, trend, or tool that opens up new opportunities (changes in automotive systems, the green building trend, photovoltaic systems, etc.).

Enter New Markets

Restoration contractors profit from thermography (.PDF) »
Trouble in the air: Solving indoor air quality problems keeps Enviro team professionals on the scent (.PDF) »
Testing voltage and current output on 600 V solar converters with DMMS, Clamps and Clamp Meters (.PDF) »
IAQ specialist Rich Prill offers advice on getting into the field (.PDF) »
Growing your business through indoor air quality particulate profiling (.PDF) »
Trends in automotive testing (.PDF) »

Green Savings Opportunities to Offer Customers

Six simple ways to reduce costs with a Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer (.PDF) »
Energy savings make the case for an HVAC upgrade (.PDF) »
Cutting costs with energy auditing (.PDF) »
Infrared testing keeps the U.S. Navy under full steam (.PDF) »

Leverage Your Tools

Everyday troubleshooting with the Fluke 116 DMM (.PDF) »
An HVAC specialist uses the 561 IR Thermometer on the job for troubleshooting and maintenance (.PDF) »
Implementing an infrared thermography maintenance program (.PDF) »
Logging and analyzing events with FlukeView Forms software (.PDF) »


Top Skills And Training Courses For Electricians In Continuing Education (.PDF) »