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What's in the new Fluke Plant News - June 2012?

June 2012

Fluke Plant News Volume 11, #1 is here. We created it for engineers, technicians, and field service or industrial electricians, with the goal of giving you information you'll enjoy reading and that you can use.

The cover story is about the National Ignition Facility (NIF), located at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. At NIF, they " bring star power to earth." Find out more about how they conduct their ignition experiments with the aid of Fluke tools.

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How do you really ever get the full ROI out of your co-gen system? You can, by focusing on three key areas of the cogeneration process: heat recovery, mechanical systems and equipment, and electrical system. Our article, "Achieving Peak Efficiency Cogeneration", describes how to optimize combined heat and power with measurement and maintenance in these three areas.

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In Texas, a power consultant keeps uninterruptible power supplies up and running. See how he uses regular maintenance and reliable tools to ensure critical systems run smoothly.

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Tap a potential new source of margin and profitability - in the form of your plant's energy bill. Why generate and pay for power that's affected by harmonics and load unbalance? Using the Unified Power measurement system you can calculate the cost of waste energy over a week, a month, or a year.

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How hot? Use the spot. Sounds simple. And the dual, rotating lasers of the new Fluke 62 MAX+ Infrared Thermometer help make it so by defining the out edges of the circle that defines how much surface area an infrared thermometer is measuring, and therefore averaging, in the reading on screen.

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