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What’s new in electronics?

December 2012

Find out in the new Fluke Electronics News! This news magazine is for electrical and electronics engineers and technicians (field electronics technicians and bench technicians), as well as aeronautical engineers and hobbyists - anyone interested in signaling, controls, and measurement. Volume 9, Number 1 is here!

Precision Component Manufacturer Increases Quality with Induction Heat Treating

The cover article is about pioneering a PLC controller system for high current and high frequency. At Linamar Corporation, a precision component manufacturer, Leigh Copp and his crew are increasing quality using induction heat treating. Learn about the advantages of heat induction, groundbreaking hardening techniques, hunting down problems, and shortening the learning curve.

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On the Rivers of Suriname, Electric Eels Reveal Their Secrets

You’ve heard about electric eels. But have you thought about using a portable oscilloscope to research an eel’s electric field? Will Crampton and his team went to Suriname to capture eels and investigate their electrical output. They had quite an adventure, documented in a National Geographic special narrated by Patrick Stewart.

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How to Configure a Fluke Data Acquisition System for Use with Transducers

You might want to configure a Fluke data acquisition system to use with a transducer, perhaps a pressure or humidity transducer. If you’re working with Hydra Series Portable Data Acquisition, NetDAQ® Networked Unit, or 2680 Series Data Acquisition System, find out what you need to know about software configuration, and voltage and current--both physical connections and values.

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Troubleshooting 4 to 20 mA Process Control Systems Without Breaking the Loop

Go analog and think about troubleshooting 4 to 20 mA without breaking the loop. The field is the place where the control design gets tested out, by an instrument technician responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting pressure, flow, temperature, and pH transmitters in a chemical processing plant.

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Tech Tips: Wireless Test Tools Can Cut Troubleshooting Time

Find out how a new generation of wireless test tools can give you a seemingly endless variety of test applications for simulated measurements. What would you do with the ability to see voltage, current, and more, at the same time? In the Tech Tips for this issue of Electronics News.

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