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Look Ma, no wires!

No more wires. CNX 3000 wireless test tools: modules, PC adapter. Log and download data from multiple locations, reduce exposure to hazards.

December 2012

It’s easy to see that technicians and engineers are rapidly integrating mainstream wireless devices into technical applications. You can find them using smart phones, tablets, and portable computers for everything from storing service manuals to documenting test setups and calculating electrical loads. But while technicians have been tapping happily away on their smart phones for some time, when it comes to taking measurements, for the most part they’ve still had to stay (for the most part) tied to test leads connecting their multimeters to clamps and probes.

Fluke has cut the cord. We’ve introduced a group of wireless test and measurement tools. That’s right, wireless. No test leads to tether you to the test point.

The new Fluke CNX 3000 wireless test tools include four modules - AC Voltage, AC Current Clamp, iFlex™ AC Current, and K-Type Temperature units - that connect wirelessly to a CNX 3000 Wireless Multimeter. The CNX 3000 team also includes a PC adapter to link those modules to a PC. The person holding the wireless multimeter or the portable computer can be up to 20 meters away from the modules and accurately read the test results. Think of it as a kind of remote control for test and measurement applications.

You can connect up to three CNX 3000 modules at a time to various test points and view four measurements (multimeter and three modules) on the multimeter screen at the same time. The multimeter can record up to 65,000 sets of min/max/avg readings in single or multiple logging sessions without downloading the data in between. If you add the CNX pc3000 Adapter to a computer you can view live readings from up to 10 modules on a single screen, and save that data to your computer for further analysis.

This revolution in test equipment can help increase productivity and reduce exposure to hazards, all at a very affordable price. CNX 3000 products allow you to stay at a reasonably safe distance from the test point, and test multiple points simultaneously. That effectively gives you extra hands that can cut troubleshooting and maintenance time.

For example, let’s say you have an intermittent motor overload. You can connect the wireless voltage module to the motor starter, the wireless current module to the field disconnect switch, and the temperature module to the motor. Then you can verify and view the supply voltage, current, and temperature on the CNX 3000 Wireless Multimeter while the motor is running. You can even leave the modules in place to log results over several days and then download those results to a PC for further review.

The Fluke CNX Wireless System offers even bigger advantages when you have to take readings in dangerous environments such as high voltage applications or awkward locations. You can de-energize a panel, attach modules to each circuit of a three-phase system, re-energize the panel, close the panel door, and then read measurements of all three phases simultaneously on the wireless multimeter from a safe distance. The Fluke CNX 3000 Wireless System meets measurement category 1000V CAT III and Category IV 600 V safety standards so you can use the multimeter and modules in high energy environments. You won’t be hampered by the most cumbersome personal protective equipment (PPE) because you can stand out of the danger zone.

By helping you perform multiple tasks, more safely, the CNX Wireless System can save you time, money, and exposure to potential hazards. Plus you’ll have access to a lot more data in context to help get to the root of problems faster.

So whether you work in electrical, HVAC, or manufacturing environments, the new Fluke CNX 3000 CNX team of wireless test tools can revolutionize your work day.