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Newest Fluke clamp meters capture imaginations and multiple awards

May 2011

Three leading industry publications awarded the new Fluke 381 Remote Display True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter high honors for its innovative design. One of those publications also honored the Fluke 365 Detachable Jaw True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter. Both clamp meters were introduced in September 2010 and since then have attracted high praise among industry experts and customers for their performance, flexibility, and ability to work in tight spaces.

Product of the Year

Fluke 381 iFlex

You can remove the display of the Fluke 381, and use the iFlex™ current probe, to work in tight spaces.

The Fluke 381 with its unique iFlex™ current probe was named Product of the Year, Silver Award test equipment category, by Plant Engineering and Product of the Year for portable measurement equipment by EC&M. The Plant Engineering award was voted on by readers and presented in March 2011 at the annual Manufacturing/Automation Summit. This award recognized the Fluke 381 as an outstanding example of a new product that makes manufacturing plants run smarter, safer, and more efficiently.

Likewise EC&M named the Fluke 381 Product of the Year in the “portable measurement equipment” category. A panel of seven industry experts, including electrical engineers, contractors, inspectors and plant facility personnel, picked 24 category winners out of a pool of over 70 products. The awards were announced at the Electric West Show, in Long Beach, California. The overall gold, silver, and bronze awards will be announced on May 24.

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The Awards Didn’t Stop There

Fluke 365 Detachable Jaw Clamp Meter

The thin, small jaws of the Fluke 365 help you get around tightly packed wires easily.

And the awards didn’t stop there. The Fluke 381 and the Fluke 365 each earned 2010 Engineers’ Choice Awards from Control Engineering. These awards - chosen by print and online subscribers - recognized the most innovative products in 30 categories of control, instrumentation, and automation. The winning products were chosen for their contributions to manufacturing agility and efficiency. Control Engineering subscribers selected the Fluke 381 in the “Power - monitoring, protection” category and the Fluke 365 in the “Hardware - Handheld testing, calibration” category.

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Stay Tuned

The Fluke 381, the Fluke 1594A/1595A Super-Thermometers, and the Fluke 810 Handheld Vibration Tester were finalists for the Test & Measurement World “Best in Test” awards. The winners will be announced on May 2nd.

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Input from Hundreds of Customers

The Fluke 381 and Fluke 365 represent an innovative new generation of clamp meters developed partly from input from hundreds of customers. Customers said they needed clamps that could fit into tight spaces in electrical cabinets and around large conductors. They said they needed an extra hand because many individual technicians are doing the work of two people these days. Customers also said they needed clamps that could troubleshoot the new more complex energy efficient systems being installed today.

Both of these award winning designs address those needs. As the first clamp meter with a wireless display, the Fluke 381 allows one technician to work in two locations at the same time, by leaving the clamp in place and taking the measurement readout to another location up to 30 feet away. The iFlex flexible current probe easily fits around large, inflexible, or hard-to-reach conductors up to 2500 amps. And the clamp meter itself allows electricians to measure all the most common parameters required to troubleshoot today’s complex systems, quickly, easily, and with extremely high accuracy.

The Fluke 365, with its thin, small, detachable jaw and four feet of coil, allows technicians to snake the clamp into the cabinet, attach it around a small cable, remove their hands from the live electrical environment, and take measurements up to 200 A ac or dc. And like the 381, the 365 clamp meter also measures voltage and resistance.

Our thanks to all who voted for these products and provided input that is helping us develop products that help customers get faster results and do more with fewer tools and less hassle.

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