What is IR-Fusion® technology?

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What is IR-Fusion® technology?

IR-Fusion is thermal imaging technology patented by the Fluke Corporation that automatically captures a digital visible light image at the same time as an infrared image. The camera blends the two images together, pixel for pixel, in a single display. Technicians can then view the image in full infrared, full visible light or at several degrees of blending in between. IR-Fusion technology is available in many Fluke infrared cameras and in Fluke SmartView® software.

Because the infrared and visible images are matched pixel for pixel, the operator can easily identify the location of infrared points-of-interest on the target by noting where the features are in the blended image. The location of an infrared target can be precisely identified even if the infrared contrast is low and there is very little structure in the infrared image.

IR-Fusion display features

IR-Fusion offers several display modes to further help isolate problem areas. Temperatures are recorded in all of these modes and can be displayed in the infrared portion of the image. IR-Fusion display modes include:

With Fluke SmartView software IR-Fusion images can be optimized and used in reports and presentations to add impact.

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