How to validate a pump control panel repair with thermal imaging

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How to validate a pump control panel repair with a thermal multimeter

Situation: A loose connection was found and repaired in a 480 V control panel.

Action: After determining that a loose connection was the cause of a control panel problem, and repairing it, you can use the 279 FC Thermal Multimeter to validate that the repair was successful.

  1. Set the dial on the 279 FC to “IR camera” mode.
  2. After energizing the panel following safety guidelines, scan the area where the repair was made. The image and center point temperature value should show that the repaired area is within the normal temperature range.
  3. If the scan shows a normal temperature, save the thermal image to your meter and use Fluke Connect® to send it to a PC, a smartphone and/or to the Fluke Cloud™.
  4. Create a report with the image to document that the repair was successful.
  5. If the heat map shows the area is still warmer than the normal temperature range, you will need to conduct further testing with either the multimeter or additional tools such as an insulation multimeter or power quality analyzer. 

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