Why use a thermal imager?

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Why use a thermal imager?

Infrared thermography provides the capability to help detect subtle problems before they result in failures. In industrial settings some equipment problems can be spotted through unusual vibration or sounds, but many other problems do not present such obvious symptoms. Many electrical problems can be detected by their thermal patterns, which, if not identified, could either lead to equipment failure or a more serious electrical hazard. Moisture problems in ceilings and walls can be very difficult to find before they become serious enough to damage or destroy building contents.

In all of these cases, an infrared camera can speed up diagnosis, reduce—maybe even avoid—unscheduled downtime, and minimize damage to structures and contents. Infrared thermography offers a variety of advantages, because it can be used for:

These advantages produce several specific benefits for troubleshooting and preventive and predictive maintenance, including:

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