Get to know Fluke Ti Performance Series infrared cameras

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Get to know Fluke Ti Performance Series infrared cameras

Fluke Ti Performance Series infrared cameras--Ti125, Ti110, Ti105, Ti100, Ti95, Ti90, TiR125, TiR110 and TiR105--are designed with balanced ergonomics and smart batteries for extended use. The cameras include an intuitive interface with pushbutton access to features and auto and manual focus options.

1. Camera design features

2. Function and arrow buttons

Navigate menus and features, even with gloves on, using three function buttons, and four arrow keys. Capture images with one hand with a two-part trigger. The larger green primary trigger captures the image or starts/stops video recording, and the smaller black secondary trigger operates the laser and LED light (torch).

3. Menu functions

Press F2 to access secondary menus for measurements, thermal image display, camera features, memory setup, and settings for date, time, language, units, and more. Use the function buttons and arrow keys to navigate to the menu item you need. Here are some of the most used options in each menu:

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