Why fuses matter to test tool safety

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Meters with insufficient fuses can’t be relied upon to protect against electrical shorts.

Why fuses matter to test tool safety

Fuses are often overlooked when it comes to electrical testing equipment safety. Yet as a protection against electrical shock and overheating wires, using the right fuse for the job is critical. Taking voltage and current measurements with a tester that does not have the fuse protection that was designed into the tester is extremely dangerous and can cause serious burns and possible death. Fuses matter to safety and picking the right fuse is crucial. Be sure to:

Use fuses the engineer designed into the testing equipment

Use high energy fuses approved by the meter’s manufacturer

Use fused test probes for additional protection

Use safety-rated fuses

Manufacturers specify the required amperage, interrupt and voltage ratings for replacement fuses for a reason. If you select a fuse without these ratings you put your safety and the safety of those around you in jeopardy.

For more information on Electrical Safety, see our online course available at the Fluke eLearning Center.

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For more information on Electrical Safety, see our online course available at the Fluke eLearning Center.