Meter readiness checklist

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Meter readiness checklist

Your electrical test meter is ON and you’re ready to work. But is your meter ready? Is it safe? Before work commences, taking the time to analyze the status of your meters--both from a safety and an operational perspective—is an important step before any measurement work begins. Here are best practices:

1. Inspect your tools

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 70E states that test tools must be visually inspected frequently to help detect damage and ensure proper operation.

2. Ensure independent testing and certification

Be sure to find a multimeter that is independently tested. Rather than getting independent certification, some manufacturers simply state that their products are “designed to meet tough standards” for safety ruggedness and durability. It’s critical to find one that has been independently tested by a third party verification lab such as:

3. Use only IEC-rated test tools

NFPA 70E also requires the use of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) rated test tools. These tools should meet the meet the following guidelines:

4. Verify the meter and accessories are appropriately rated and designed for the system and equipment to which they will be connected by looking for the following elements:

Using properly functioning tools is vital to help protect yourself from possible injury and death. Tools that have not been inspected for the above elements or that fail a pre-work inspection should be replaced with new tools from a leading manufacturer.

For more information on Electrical Safety, see our online course available at the Fluke eLearning Center. 

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For more information on Electrical Safety, see our online course available at the Fluke eLearning Center.