Nature of the danger

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Nature of the danger

Nature of Danger

An arc flash can occur in less than a second and can result from a phase-to-ground or phase-to-phase fault

There are three primary factors that affect the severity of an electrical shock:

  1. The amount of current flowing
  2. The path through the body
  3. Length of time of exposure

In addition to shock hazards, one of the most dangerous situations anyone working with electricity faces is arc flash--an explosive release of energy from an electrical arc when the electrical current passes through ionized air. Learn more about the nature of the danger posed by both shock and arc flash by watching this video.

For more information on Electrical Safety, see our online course available at the Fluke eLearning Center. 

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Electrical Measurement Safety Videos

Electrical Measurement Safety Videos

For more information on Electrical Safety, see our online course available at the Fluke eLearning Center.