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Test Tools Webinar Presenters

Duane Smith - Product Specialist for Digital Multimeters

Working closely with development teams at Fluke, Duane has been instrumental in helping define new features and functions for digital multimeters. As a proponent for the voice of the customer, he has 30+ years of experience interfacing with Fluke customers to help develop solutions to customers' application or measurement needs. Duane has authored and published numerous articles and is a recognized industry expert in the use and function of digital multimeters.
Corey Glassman - Senior Training Manager

With his 30+ years of experience in the industrial test and measurement tool industry, Corey brings a deep knowledge of the technical issues facing professional workers and the industry solutions available. He is the co-author of a book on advanced auto engineering and is the past president and chairman of the Automotive Training Managers Council.
Hilton Hammond - Product Marketing Manager, ScopeMeter ®Test Tools

Hilton has 25+ years in the global test and measurement industry with deep experience in applications, product management and product marketing. His focus has been application support for industrial electronic equipment to help customers better understand using the tools and measurements to be successful. As an electrical engineer, Hilton has worked to support customers maintenance needs from the technical standpoint.
John Bernet - Application and Product Specialist, Mechanical

During his 30+ years of experience in maintenance and operation of nuclear power plants and machinery in other plants, John has worked with customers in all industries implementing reliability programs. John is a Certified Category 2 Vibration Analyst with over 20 years of experience diagnosing machine faults. John served in the US Navy as an electrician for 12 years.
Jim Shields – Product Manager, Process Calibration Tools

Jim Shields is a Sr. Technical Support Specialist and Product Manager for the Process Calibration group for the Fluke Corporation. Jim has been active in the ISA and has actively supported and developed instrumentation curriculum. Jim has worked in the field of calibration and metrology for over 35 years.
Don Cacioppo – Product Specialist, Test Tools

Don has acquired a wealth of knowledge in his 42 years of experience; including 15 years using test equipment in many applications from radar systems to integrated circuit testing and 27 years of product knowledge, application and training in the test equipment industry.