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Fluke 430 Series II Software and Firmware

Firmware Update V05.05 (.exe) »
This update applies to all Fluke 430-II models. The update is specifically to add new, important functionality to the Fluke 438-II. This new functionality enables user to perform motor analysis on inverter driven motors, please consult the the product page for the Fluke 438-II and the operator manual supplement.

The application requires a COM port number to be selected; this information can be found in Windows device manager device list. The application provides step by step instructions.

Important: Some instrument will not update using USB 3.0, please read HELP text in upgrader before proceeding. Last updated 2/2018

Firmware Update V05.05 Release Notes (.pdf) »
Complete details of the benefits of updating to V05.04. These notes are important to ensure save preservation of existing data, consult the short guide on data backup if in doubt. Last updated on 2/2018.

PowerLog 430-II Application Software V5.4.1 for Fluke 430 Series II (.exe) »
PowerLog Application software for Fluke 430-II Series.
Important: this revision of PowerLog430-II requires 430-II series instruments to run firmware revision V05.02. Last updated on 9/2017

PowerLog 430-II V5.4.1 Release Information (.pdf) »
Complete details of new features and bug fixes – it is important to read these notes. Last updated on 9/2017

Backing Up and Copying Data from the Fluke 430 (.pdf) »
A short guide on backing up the important data on your instrument. Also includes some guidance on data archiving. Last updated on 9/2012

Fluke 430 Series II USB driver (.zip) »
The Fluke 430 Series II USB driver will install automatically under normal circumstances, this file is for manual installation.