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Fluke 3540 FC 3-Phase Power Monitor Firmware

Fluke 3540 FC Firmware V1.4 (.bin) »

Date: 16 Feb 2017

New Features

  • Added feature for support of hidden SSID. Ability to enter SSID name manually, when a WiFi access point does not broadcast the SSID name.
  • Added feature to delete a session. Ability to delete sessions that have been created with Local Logging, using Fluke Connect mobile app.


  • Improved speed of downloading a local logging session.
  • Improved stability of the connection with the Fluke Connect Cloud.
  • Improved precision representation of data values.
  • Corrected apparent power and non-active power values.
  • Corrected problem in calculation of the sign of power factor.
  • Corrected phase labeling issue. This could result in wrong phase labels to be visible in Fluke Connect, e.g. A-B-C was replaced by AB-BC-CA or phase C was visible in split phase topology.
  • Corrected problems with graphical representation of overload on a voltage or current channel.
  • Corrected problem with truncated SSID names in SSID list.
  • Corrected problem with incorrect AUTO range selection for current inputs after reboot.
  • Corrected format of local logging data for load study.