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Customer Support Services


Calibration Services:

To learn about the types of equipment we calibrate:
Phone: 1(888) 993-5853

Phone: 1(800) 337-5638


Track and check Status of your repair
  Domestic Customers call for a RMA request:
  International Customers email RMA request to:
  To obtain an RMA, use the Online request form:

Phone: 1 (888) 993-5853
RMA Form
To get standard pricing on repairs: Phone: 1(888) 99-FLUKE (1(888) 993-5853)
To get priority service on your repairs: Phone: 1-888-99-FLUKE (1(888) 993-5853)
Email: for pricing and availability.
To find a replacement part
  Place your orders in the US by calling:

  Outside the US, replacement parts can be
  ordered through your local service center

1(800) 526-4731

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Other Programs and Services

Accreditation Services: Phone: 1(888) 99-FLUKE (1(888) 993-5853)
Full Extended Warranties: Phone: 1(888) 99-FLUKE (1(888) 993-5853)
Email: for local availability and terms of this service.
Service Contract(s) for your Company: Phone: 1(800) 337-5638

For service and support for other Fluke brands

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