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Energy Efficiency Solution Center

The ROI of Energy Efficiency Starts With Measurement

Most facilities consume more energy than necessary in order to reliably support their occupants and produce goods or services. Is that over-consumption worth doing anything about? How much bottom line savings would energy efficiency solutions bring? It depends on how much energy is being wasted, at what cost.

Energy management starts with determining how much energy a building uses on specific operations and then calculates the ROI of improving their energy efficiency.

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Energy Consumption: Electrical System Waste
Electrical Waste »

Some of the biggest savings opportunities lie in simply reading your utility bill, determining which building systems are the biggest energy consumers, and making informed operational decisions. Check out these resources to start identifying and quantifying electrical waste in your facility.

Saving Energy in Production Processes
Production Process Waste »

Process production systems are a major energy consumer in many facilities. Many elements of the most common production systems can be measured. View the sources and learn next steps for reducing energy waste in process production.

Energy Saving Steps for the Building Infrastructure
Building Infrastructure Waste »

Identifying where and what to measure will help you improve building ventilation, envelope and lighting efficiency. The goal of energy savings projects should be to improve system efficiency while maintaining or enhancing comfort. Learn more about the tools and resources to help you reduce energy waste in your building infrastructure.

Portable energy loggers
Portable energy loggers »

Quantify energy consumption and cost at each important facility system.

Vibration meters »

Identify issues that cause mechanical equipment to over-consume power

Infrared cameras »

Inspect electrical, mechanical, steam and building systems for signs of energy waste.

Other tools, such as pressure, temperature and airflow meters, assess the amount of waste in compressed air, HVAC, and Other systems.

Visit the Training Center to view additional materials to help you learn how to identify and quantify energy waste and help you save money.