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Power Quality Analyzers

Fluke Power Quality Analyzers all include 'gap-less' measurement, detail of every power cycle is considered during measurement and logging; this capability is key to discovering the state of health of your power system.

Each model is designed to meet the needs of the intended measurement task, with safety ratings that match your particular environment. Available accessories ensure, safe, reliable hook-up and environmental protection guards against the levels of dust and moisture that you're likely to come across when deploying the analyzer. Finally, each product's application software makes downloading, analyzing and reporting power quality data as efficient as possible.

Electrical Power Training Program
Precision Power Analyzers
Single-Phase Power Quality Meters

Fluke now offers a comprehensive training program on electrical power, helping you to understand and identify energy savings. The training will provide unique instructional videos, including real-life case studies, quiz, poster and a printed reference guidebook supporting the videos.

Fluke's three-phase power meters will quickly provide the answers you need to get things running smoothly. These meters can be used for troubleshooting to find the answers now; or as benchmarking tools to discover the trend of your power quality over time.

Fluke single-phase power quality meters can measure and log either ac or dc power systems depending on the model selected. This combination will allow you to quickly discover where potential problems in your electrical system are located.

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