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Memobox Power Distribution Network Analyzers

This product is discontinued or reclassified

  • The complete portable Power Quality Recorder for low and medium voltage applications

    A rugged power quality recorder designed for low and medium voltage applications including electric utility networks. Three models to choose from:

    Memobox 300 P: IP65 Monitor for the most common power parameters including V, A, W, VA, VAR, PF, energy, Flicker, voltage events and THD.

    Memobox 300 A: Includes the features of the 300 P plus advanced monitoring capabilities including voltage and current harmonics, interharmonics, ripple, unbalance and frequency capabilities.

    Memobox 808 A: The elite power quality recorder designed with a real-time LC display, five hour UPS and expanded memory to ensure everything is recorded.



    • Compact, rugged form factor with IP65 protection (IP50 for Memobox 808 A) and wide operating temperature range allows flexible use both in plant and in the field
    • Accurately validate system performance with IEC 61000-4-30 class A accuracy and EN50160 overview
    • Configure Memobox for any test with over 500 parameters and memory for up to 85 days
    • Easy-to-use, intuitive application software provides trend diagrams, statistical summaries, report writing and real-time data monitoring while in the online mode.
    • Assess the severity of power quality problems with > 13.000 dip, swell, or interruption events
    • Verify instrument setup and system conditions before starting long-term recordings with LED indicators or LC-display (Memobox 808 A only)
    • Set up in minutes with the self-identifying current probes and single lead voltage connections
    • Access data remotely through direct modem connection to RS232 serial port
    • Save operating expenses with the 2 year recalibration interval


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