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Electrical Power Training Program

Become an expert at identifying energy savings with Fluke’s Electrical Training Program. Learn more about inductive loads, harmonic distortion, and three-phase power unbalance.

  • Understand and identify energy savings

    Electrical power usage is changing constantly. This means load on the electric network is changing: more harmonics and unbalance. This so-called 'bad' power costs money and wastes energy. To deal with this, we often need more understanding of the disturbances on the electrical network.

    Fluke now offers a comprehensive training program on electrical power, helping you to understand and identify energy savings. 

  • Understand and identify energy savings

    Solve power problems you meet in your daily work, now that electrical loads in industrial and commercial buildings are often too complex to be calculated by the classical model of power.

    Understand the major elements that affect power quality with our online instructional videos and supporting guidebook:

    • particularly inductive loads
    • harmonic distortion
    • three-phase power unbalance

    The instructional videos consist of the following chapters:

    Part 1 Basic DC power and single phase AC power
    Part 1b Case study: Single phase measurements
    Part 2 Three-phase AC power: Symbols and colors, balanced sine-wave systems, WYE and delta systems
    Part 3 Three-phase AC power: Unbalanced sine-wave systems, symmetrical components, unbalanced sine-wave examples
    Part 3b Case study: The costs of reactive power
    Part 4 Three-phase AC power: Combined power, neutral currents, power summaries
    Part 5 Single-phase and three-phase power losses
    Part 5b Case study: Energy loss analysis
    Part 6 Summary
  • The Fluke Electrical Power training program includes:

    • USB with instructional videos
    • 117-pages printed reference guidebook supporting the instructional videos
    • Poster
    • Models
      Model Name Description  
      EPE-TRAINING-E/US EPE-Training


      • USB with instructional videos
      • 117-pages printed reference guidebook supporting the webcast
      • Poster