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Fluke Energy Analyze plus software

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  • Fluke Energy Analyze plus is a powerful software package designed to simplify the downloading, analysis, tracking and reporting of power quality and energy data. This software application includes easy-to-use data analysis tools to help you gain valuable insights into what’s going on with power quality and energy consumption in your facility. Compatible with the Fluke 1732, 1734, 1736, 1738, 1742, 1746 and 1748 power and energy loggers Fluke Energy Analyze plus gives you the flexibility and data analysis capabilities you need to make better maintenance and facility management decision—from the service entrance to critical loads, and everything in between.

  • Whether you are looking to compare local conditions, benchmark against best-in-class facilities, or create a complete picture using multiple studies captured at the same time Fluke Energy Analyze plus gives you the analysis power you need.

    Purpose built data views

    • Energy or Load Studies: RMS Power, Demand, Fundamental Power, V, A, Hz, THD and Calendar View grouped data hourly, daily or weekly
    • Power Quality Study: Event tables and waveforms, Harmonics, PQ Health Dashboard, Flicker and Mains Signaling
    • Reporting: Create Bookmarks and build reports on the fly. With a Fluke 1746 or 1748 create industry standard report with one-click, reduce time and minimize complexity
    • Export Data and build custom graphs using different session data or measurements

    Flexible Analysis Tools

    • Import multiple session data from any period – overlay data sets to compare and identify changes or abnormalities
    • Cursors and markers to measure specific points of interest
    • Plot multiple measurement parameters either individual or all phases, in addition add min or max trend lines.
    • Automatically or manually scale each axis. Lock or unlock time axis scaling to synchronize trend graphs by time or process sequence

    Data downloading

    Data can be downloaded using either USB memory stick, USB cable to computer or via Wi-Fi, and the 1742, 1746 and 1748 power quality loggers also allow downloading using an Ethernet connection.

    Fluke Energy Analyze plus automatically detects valid data sources (instruments or memory sticks) and the download can then be easily initiated by selecting the preferred device.

    Data source selection in Energy Analyze plus software


    The Project Manager tool collects details of the logged data and instrument settings from the instrument. Up to four sets of data, and even images (for example location photos or thermal images), can be added to the Project Manager so it is easier to perform a single comparative analysis.

    Project Manager tool within Fluke Energy Analyze plus Software


    Data Analysis

    The calendar view provides a simple overview or snapshot of logged measurements with both daily and weekly views. These individual periods can be selected for quick side-by-side comparisons for better analysis and give a quick visual description of the rhythm of the load, or loads, under consideration, showing how the power varies hour-by-hour or day-by-day.

    Calendar view with daily time periods displayed


    The ‘graph options’ selector allows users to select the exact combination of traces or trend lines that they need for their analysis and to select specific time periods to show the data they are most interested in seeing.

    The ‘Graph options’ tool allows for user defined scale and time selections.


    Detailed power and energy analysis is made as simple as possible with tools designed specifically for understanding consumption. Data can be viewed both graphically or in tables, and displayed either separately or simultaneously. Values for phases of power values (kw, kVA, kvar etc.) and power factor can also be mixed to check the relationships between each measurement.

    RMS Power Summary and graphical view.


    In the ‘energy view’ the total logged period can be viewed or specific periods can be selected to discover both energy usage and associated cost between two specific points in time. To make the analysis and reporting even more robust annotations can be added to graphs at any time throughout the analysis process.

    Energy cost shown for user defined window


    When viewing power quality data a single screen can be set up to summarize larger data sets. For instance, each bar of the graph can represent either a day’s or weeks worth of data. If the bar is green all the measurements are within the accepted limits, while a red bar indicates measurements outside of the set limits and likely should be investigated further. The details of the data behind each of the bars can be viewed by selecting the bar and displaying the ‘limit graph’. On the limit graph the limit can be displayed to easily show when (with a time and date stamp) the limit was exceeded.

    Data summary screen shows A/L1 voltage has been out of limit during the evaluation period.

    A/L1 voltage trend with limit line shows where the voltage has exceeded the defined voltage limit.


    Fluke Energy Analyze plus also includes powerful tools that can display multiple data sets at the same time enabling straightforward correlation analysis. For example, you can easily see the trend of individual harmonics to show the effects of equipment that may be connected to all three phases or an individual phase. Discovering the effects of individual assets enables mitigation equipment to be installed only at the point of the disturbance, minimizing costs.

    Trend of 9th harmonic for the phases of voltage.


    Other views will display data in a table format. In this example, event data is displayed and on selecting a specific event each waveform or RMS graph related to the event is also displayed.

    Events captured by a 1738 or 1748 Power Quality Logger displayed as an RMS profile.



    During the analysis process any screen that is viewed can be included for reporting by selecting ‘Add Bookmark’ on the tool bar of the active screen. Each bookmark that is created can then be added to a customized report by dragging the book mark to the report area in the ‘Report’ tab.

    Calendar views can be added so you can easily understand the rhythm of the plant.


    To save time and make things even easier the Fluke 1738, 1746 and 1748 Power Quality Loggers allow you to generate a basic report using the built in One-Click reporting tool giving you a snapshot of overall power quality health in seconds. This report can either be printed on its own or added to a custom report as a bookmark. Users can select the time period they would like for the report and whether they want to use pre-defined report formats such as EN 50160, IEE 519, GOST 33073 or even export data in PQDIF or NeQual compatible formats for use with third party software.

    User selectable time periods and report settings


    The report is available directly as a PDF document or can be sent to any connected printer. A logo can be added for further personalization.

    Sample ‘one click’ report.


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