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New From Fluke

New From Fluke

Fluke Connect® Wireless Test Tools »

Introducing the largest suite of connected tools in the world.
See it. Save it. Share it. All the facts in the field.
Get started saving more time and increasing your productivity now.

Fluke a3004 FC Wireless 4-20 mA DC Clamp Meter »

The a3004 FC Wireless DC Current Clamp Meter is a fully functional current clamp meter that wirelessly relays measurements to other Fluke Connect™ enabled master units.

Fluke a3003 FC Wireless DC Current Clamp
Fluke a3003 FC Wireless 2000 A DC Current Clamp Meter »

The a3003 FC Wireless DC Current Clamp Meter is a fully functional current clamp meter that wirelessly relays measurements to other Fluke Connect™ enabled master units

Fluke 4x telephoto lens on its side
4x Telephoto Infrared Smart Lens »

View your target magnified 4 times more than a standard lens while staying on the ground or a safe distance away.
A 4x telephoto lens can help identify a potential issue in your equipment, even when your target is as tiny and distant as a failed splice on a high electrical line or an overheated refractory on a tall flare stack.

Fluke 25 micron macro lens on its side
25 Micron Macro Infrared Smart Lens »

See details as small as 25 microns, which is smaller than the average human hair.
Get an incredibly detailed image of very small objects so you can gain insight into thermal buildup and dissipation on printed circuit boards, identify a faulty or undersized component, or potentially even pinpoint precise faulty locations on those components.

Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit »

Using the PRV240 reduces the risk of shock and arc flash by validating the functionality of test tools without placing yourself in a potentially hazardous electrical environment.

  • Sources both ac and dc steady-state voltage - supplies 240 V dc/ac
  • Compatible with both high-impedance or low-impedance multimeters, clamp meters, or two pole testers
  • Voltage is sourced through recessed contacts that are activated when tested probes are inserted to avoid accidental contact
Fluke 721Ex Precision Pressure Calibrator
Fluke 721Ex Precision Pressure Calibrator »

The ideal tool for gas custody transfer applications in potentially explosive atmospheres is the Fluke 721Ex Precision Pressure Calibrator. With dual isolated pressure sensors, it allows you to take simultaneous static and differential pressure measurements with a single tool.

Fluke TiX520 Infrared Camera »

Your view of infrared technology is about to change 180°. The answer is right before your eyes, even when your target isn't.

  • Premium in-field viewing experience with the largest 5.7 inch responsive touchscreen LCD in its class¹ - 150% more viewing area²
  • Easily navigate over, under and around objects with the 180° articulating lens and see the image before you capture it
  • Save time with post-capture image processing - edit emissivity, background temperature, transmissivity, palettes, color alarms, IR-Fusion and enable/disable markers all on cameras

¹Compared to industrial handheld infrared cameras with 320x240 detector resolution as of October 14, 2014
²Compared to a standard 3.5 inch screen in this class

Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter  »

The reliable, repeatable, accurate way to check bearings and overall vibration

Make go or no-go maintenance decisions with confidence. The Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter is the most reliable vibration screening device available for frontline mechanical troubleshooting teams that need repeatable, severity-scaled readings of overall vibration and bearing condition.

Fluke 830 Laser Alignment Tool
Fluke 830 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool »

The Fluke 830 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool is the ideal test tool to precision-align rotating shafts in your facility.

It's a known fact - all rotating machinery is susceptible to misalignment. If you're still using rulers and dial indicators to ensure your rotating machinery is properly aligned, you could be losing thousands of dollars per year in replacement bearing costs, hours of unnecessary repair time, and crippling unplanned downtime, not to mention taking years off your machine's useful life.

Fluke Ti95 Infrared Camera »

Introducing the only wireless industrial infrared cameras starting at $1499.95 – the new Ti95 and Ti90 Infrared Cameras.

  • Open your world to wireless with the Fluke Connect™ app.
    • Share the exact same information with your team simultaneously, only with ShareLive™ video call and get questions answered or work order approvals without leaving the field.
  • Up to 84% better spatial resolution and up to a 32% larger screen than other competitive models*.

Learn more about the Ti95 »
Learn more about the Ti90 »

*Class is defined as an industrial handheld thermal imager in the same price range based on MSRP as of May 1, 2014.