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Fluke 743B Documenting Process Calibrator with Data Logging

he 743B does the work of several tools – sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, temperature, and electrical signals in one rugged, hand-held device.

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Fluke 753 Documenting Process Calibrator »

  • Do more, carry less

    The 743B does the work of several tools – sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, temperature, and electrical signals in one rugged, hand-held device.
    For documentation, the 743B automates calibration procedures and captures your data.
    And, of course, it helps you meet rigorous standards like ISO 9000, FDA, EPA and OSHA regulations.
    The 743B has a PC interface that lets you download procedures, lists, and instructions created with software-or upload data for printing, archiving, and analysis. With its expanded memory, the 743B can hold a full week of calibrations and procedures.

  • The 743B is easy to use with flexible test strategies. And like all Fluke tools, it's rugged, reliable and tough as nails. It's like having several powerful tools in one - so you can work faster than ever:

    • Measure volts, mA, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency, and ohms to test sensors, transmitters and other instruments
    • Source/simulate volts, mA, thermocouples , RTDs, frequency, ohms, and pressure to calibrate transmitters
    • Power transmitters during test using loop supply with simultaneous mA measurement
    • Measure/source pressure using any of 29 Fluke 700Pxx Pressure Modules
    • Measure and source with one compact, rugged, reliable tool
    • Create and run automated as-found/as-left procedures to satisfy quality programs or regulations. Record and document results
    • Use many features like autostep, custom units, user entered values during test, one-point and two-point switch testing, square root DP flow testing, programmable measurement delay etc.
    • Easy to use
    • Three year warranty
    • Bright white display. Read both sourced and measured parameters.
    • Multi lingual interface
    • Handling of fast pulsed RTD transmitters and PLCs, with pulses as short as 1msec.
    • Standard delivered with DPC/Track Sample software. Compatible with many Asset Management software packages.
  • Measurement Accuracy
    Voltage DC 110.000 mV 0.025% + 0.015%1
    1.10000 V 0.025% + 0.005%1
    11.0000 V 0.025% + 0.005%1
    110.000 V 0.05% + 0.005%1
    300.00 V 0.05% + 0.005%1
    Voltage AC 20 to 40 Hz 2% + 10
    40 to 500 Hz 0.5% + 5
    500 to 1 kHz 2% + 10
    1 kHz to 5 kHz 10% + 20
    Ranges 1.1000, 11.000, 110.00, 300 V
    Current DC 30.000 mA 0.01% + 0.015%1
    110.00 mA 0.01% + 0.015%1
    Resistance 11.000 Ω 0.05% + 50 mΩ
    110.00 Ω 0.05% + 50 mΩ
    1.1000 kΩ 0.05% + 500 mΩ
    11.000 kΩ 0.1% + 10 Ω
    Frequency 1.00 to 109.99 Hz 0.05 Hz
    110.0 to 1099.9 Hz 0.5 Hz
    1.100 to 10.999 kHz 5 Hz
    11.00 to 50.00 kHz 50 Hz
    Pressure Accuracy From 0.025% of range using any of 29 pressure modules.
    (For detailed specifications refer to pressure modules in options and accessories)
    Modules available for differential, gauge, vacuum, absolute, dual and high pressure.
    1. (% of reading + % of full scale)
    Source Accuracy
    Voltage DC 110.000 mV 0.01% + 0.005%1
    1.10000 V 0.01% + 0.005%1
    15.0000 V 0.01% + 0.005%1
    Current DC 22.000 mA (Source) 0.01% + 0.015%1
    22.000 mA (Simulate) 0.02% + 0.03%1
    Resistance 11.000 Ω 0.01% + 20 mΩ
    110.00 Ω 0.01% + 40 mΩ
    1.1000 kΩ 0.02% + 500 mΩ
    11.000 kΩ 0.03% + 5 Ω
    Frequency 0.00 to 10.99 Hz 0.01 Hz
    11.00 to 109.99 Hz 0.1 Hz
    110.0 to 1099.9 Hz 0.1 Hz
    1100 to 21999 Hz 2 Hz
    22.000 to 50.000 kHz 5 Hz
    1. (% of reading + % of full scale)
    RTDs and Thermocouples
    Measure accuracy 10 Ω Cu (427) 2°C
    100 Ω Pt (3916) 0.3°C
    100 Ω Pt (3926) 0.3°C
    100 Ω Pt (385) 0.3°C
    200 Ω Pt (385) 0.3°C
    500 Ω Pt (385) 0.3°C
    1000 Ω Pt (385) 0.3°C
    120 Ω Ni (672) 0.3°C
    For 2-and 3-wire measurement, add 0.4°C
    E 0.3°C
    N 0.5°C
    J 0.3°C
    L 0.3°C
    K 0.3°C
    T 0.3°C
    U 0.3°C
    B 0.9°C
    R 1.0°C
    S 0.9°C
    C 0.6°C
    Accuracy with external cold junction, for internal junction add 0.2°C
    Source accuracy 10 Ω Cu (427) 1°C
    100 Ω Pt (3916) 0.1°C
    100 Ω Pt (3926) 0.1°C
    100 Ω Pt (385) 0.1°C
    200 Ω Pt (385) 0.1°C
    500 Ω Pt (385) 0.1°C
    1000 Ω Pt (385) 0.1°C
    120 Ω Ni (672) 0.1°C
    For 2-and 3-wire simulation, add 0.4°C
    E 0.2°C
    N 0.3°C
    J 0.2°C
    L 0.2°C
    K 0.3°C
    T 0.3°C
    U 0.3°C
    B 0.8°C
    R 0.9°C
    S 0.9°C
    C 0.6°C
    Accuracy with external cold junction, for internal junction add 0.2°C
    Data log functions Measure functions Voltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperature, pressure
    Reading rate 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, or 60 readings/minute
    Maximum record length 8000 readings (7980 for 30 or 60 readings/minute)
    Ramp functions Source functions Voltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperature
    Rate 4 steps/second
    Trip detect Continuity or voltage (continuity detection not available when sourcing current)
    Loop power function Voltage Selectable, 24 V or 28 V
    Accuracy 5%
    Maximum current 22 mA, short circuit protected
    Maximum input voltage 30 V DC
    Step functions Source functions Voltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperature
    Manual step Selectable step, change with arrow buttons
    Autostep Fully programmable for function, start delay, stepvalue, time per step, repeat
    Environmental Specifications
    Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
    -20°C to +50°C2
    Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C
    Dust/water resistance Meets IP52, IEC 529
    Operating altitude 2800 m
    2. Except frequency and AC
    Safety Specifications
    Agency approvals CAN/CSA C22.2 No 1010.1-92, ASNI/ISA S82.01-1994, UL3111, and EN610-11993
    Mechanical and General Specifications
    Size 130 x 236 x 61 mm
    Weight 1.4 kg
    Batteries NiCd 7.2V, 1.7 Ah
    Battery life ~8 hours typical
    Battery replacement Via snap-shut door without opening calibrator; no tools required
    Side port connections Pressure module connector
    RS-232 connector for PC interface cable
    Connection for optional battery eliminator
    Data storage capacity 1 week of calibration results
    90 day specifications The standard specification intervals for the 743B is 1 and 2 years.
    Typical 90 day measurement and source accuracy can be estimated by dividing the one year "% of reading" or "% of output" specifications by 2. Floor specifications, expressed as "% of full scale" or"counts" or "ohms" remain constant.
    • Models
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 743B Fluke 743B Documenting Process Calibrator with Data Logging


      • BC7217 battery charger
      • BP7217 battery pack
      • DPC/TRACK Sample Software
      • Instruction manual
      • NIST-traceable calibration report and data
      • One set of TP220 test probes
      • Serial port cable
      • Two sets of AC220 test clips
      • Two sets of TL224 industrial test leads
    • Accessory Kits
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke TLK 220 Fluke TLK-220 US SureGripTM Industrial Test Lead  
    • Batteries, Chargers & Adapters
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke BC7217 Fluke BC7217 Battery Charger  
      Fluke BE9005 120 Fluke BE9005 120 Battery Eliminator  
      Fluke BP7235 Fluke BP7235 NiMH Battery Pack  
    • Cases & Holsters
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke C550 Fluke C550 Tool Bag  
      Fluke C700 Fluke C700 Hard Carrying Case  
      Fluke C75 Fluke C75 Accessory Case  
      Fluke C781 Fluke C781 Meter Case  
      Fluke C789 Fluke C789 Meter and Accessory Case  
    • Clips
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke AC220 Fluke AC220 SureGripTM Alligator Clips  
      Fluke AC280 Fluke AC280 SureGripTM Hook Clips  
      Fluke AC283 Fluke AC283 SureGripTM Pincer Clips  
      Fluke AC285 Fluke AC285 SureGripTM Alligator Clips  
    • Connectors
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 700BCA Fluke 700BCA Bar Code Adapter  
      Fluke 700BCW Fluke 700BCW Bar Code Wand  
      Fluke 787CAL Fluke 787CAL Calibration Module  
    • Current Clamps
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke i200 Fluke i200 AC Current Clamp  
      Fluke i410 Fluke i410 AC/DC Current Clamp  
    • Pressure Calibration Kit
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 700PCK Fluke 700PCK Pressure Calibration Kit  
    • Pressure Modules, Absolute
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 700PRV Fluke 700PRV Pressure Relief Valve Kit  
    • Pumps & Accessories
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 700PMP Fluke 700 PMP Pressure Pump  
      Fluke 700HTH-1 Fluke 700HTH-1 Hydraulic Test Hose  
      Fluke 700HTP 2 Fluke 700HTP-2 Hydraulic Test Pump  
      Fluke 700PRV-1 Fluke 700PRV-1 Pressure Relief Valve Kit  
      Fluke 700PTP-1 Fluke 700PTP-1 Pneumatic Test Pump  
    • Software
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 750SW Fluke 750 SW DPC/TRACK2 Software  
    • Temperature Accessories
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 700TC2 Fluke 700TC2 Thermocouple Plug Kit 700TC2  
      Fluke 80CJ M Fluke 80CJ-M type J Male Mini-Connectors  
      Fluke 80CK M Fluke 80CK-M type K Male Mini-Connectors  
      Fluke 80PJ-EXT Fluke 80PJ-EXT Extension Wire Kit  
      Fluke 80PK 1 Fluke 80PK-1 Bead Probe  
      Fluke 80PK 22 Fluke 80PK-22 SureGripTM Immersion Temperature Probe  
      Fluke 80PK 24 Fluke 80PK-24 SureGripTM Air Temperature Probe  
      Fluke 80PK 25 Fluke 80PK-25 SureGripTM Piercing Temperature Probe  
      Fluke 80PK 26 Fluke 80PK-26 SureGripTM Tapered Temperature Probe  
      Fluke 80PK 27 Fluke 80PK-27 SureGripTM Industrial Surface Temperature Probe  
      Fluke 80PK 8 Fluke 80PK-8 Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe  
      Fluke 80PK-9 Fluke 80PK-9 General Purpose Probe  
      Fluke 80PK Fluke 80PK-EXT Extension Wire Kit  
      Fluke 80PT 25 Fluke 80PT-25 SureGripTM Piercing Temperature Probe  
    • Test Leads
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke TL940 Fluke TL940 Mini-Hook Test Leads  
      Fluke TL950 Fluke TL950 Mini-Pincer Test Leads  
    • Test Probes
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke TP920 Fluke TP920 Test Probe Adapter Set  
    • Manuals
      741B/743B Users Manual Download
      741B/743B Mode d'emploi Download
      741B/743B Bedienungshandbuch Download
      741B/743B Manuale per l’uso Download
      741B/743B Manual de uso Download
      741B/743B User's Manual Supplement Download
      744 Users Manual Download
      744 Mode d'emploi Download
      744 Bedienungshandbuch Download
      744 Manuale per l’uso Download
      744 Manual de uso Download
      744 Kullanım Kılavuzu Download
      744 Users Manual Supplement Download
      741B, 743B, 744 Statement of Memory Volatility Download
      744 HART Mode Users Guide Download
      744 HART Mode Guide utilisateurs Download
      744 HART Mode Benutzeranleitung Download
      744 HART Mode Guida dell’utente Download
      744 HART Mode Guía de uso Download
      744 HART Mode User's Guide Supplement Download
      74X Series Calibration Manual Download
      74X Series Calibration Manual Supplement Download
      DPC/TRACK Installation Guide Download
      DPC/TRACK Guide d’installation Download
      DPC/TRACK Installationsanleitung Download
      DPC/TRACK Guida all'installazione Download
      DPC/TRACK Guía de instalación Download