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Fluke 100 CLKT IR Window for Outdoor and Indoor Applications

Increase safety and efficiency for your electrical maintenance staff and reduce the risk of arc-flash with CLKT infrared windows.

  • Save Time and Conduct More Efficient Electrical Infrared Inspections

    Once you've installed a Fluke infrared window there is no more need to power down or remove panel doors – you may never have to open the panel door again. Inspections are now conducted quickly, easily and safer than they were before.

    Your greatest investment is not what's behind the panel door; your priority is to offer the ultimate protection for the electricians, engineers and inspectors who risk their lives every day doing their jobs.

  • Fluke CLKT Infrared Windows are Available in Three Sizes 50 mm (2 in), 75 mm (3 in) and 100 mm (4 in)

    Each CLKT infrared window is engineered and tested to withstand electric-arcs up to 50 kA for 30 cycles.

    The ClirVu® coating - exclusive to Fluke infrared windows - seals the optic prior to assembly to protect against moisture degradation making it perfect for very hot and very cold outdoor environments.

    Each Fluke infrared window is delivered with an identification plate attached for unique, on-site numbering for rapid location confirmation and faster repairs.

    CLKT infrared windows come complete with a security access key, installation instructions and self-adhesive drilling template.

    For 5 minute or less installation and Autoground consider the CV300.

  • Optic Data Specifications
    Crystal insert diameter 50 mm (1.97 in)
    Viewing aperture diameter 43 mm (1.7 in)
    Viewing aperture area 1452 mm2 (2.25 in2)
    Thickness 2 mm (0.08 in)
    ClirVu coating Yes
    Shortwave IR capable Yes
    Midwave IR capable Yes
    Longwave IR capable Yes
    Ultraviolet (UV) capable Yes
    Visual capable Yes
    Fusion capable Yes
    Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recognized Yes
    UL50 environmental Type 3/12
    UL746C N/A (Polymer Free)
    UL94 N/A (Polymer Free)
    Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval Yes
    Environmental Type 3/12
    KEMA (Arc-Testing)
    ANSI C37.20.7 50 kA for 30 cycles @ 60 Hz
    EEMACS 14-1 Type-B 40 kA for 30 cycles @ 60 Hz
    ASTA (Arc-Testing)
    IEC 62271 20 kA for 5 cycles @ 50 Hz
    Cyclic humidity withstand Yes
    Vibration withstand Yes
    Resistance of insulating materials to 100° Yes
    Resistance of insulating material to ball pressure (Brinell) Yes
    Glow-wire test 650°C Yes
    Lloyds Register
    Up to 11 kV marine switchgear, indoor or outdoor Yes
    General Specifications
    Maximum temperature Gaskets 250°C (482°F)
    Body 659°C (1219°F)
    Optic 1400°C (2552°F)
    Gaskets Low smoke and fume (LSF) compliant silicone
    IP rating IP65
    NEMA rating Type 3/12 (UL and CSA Third Party Certified)
    Vibration rating IEC60068-2-6
    Humidity rating IEC60068-2-3
    Pull-out strength Up to 630 kg (1388 lb)
    Warranty Lifetime replacement against manufacturing defects
    • Models
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 100-CLKT Fluke 100 CLKT IR Window for Outdoor and Indoor Applications


      • 4 In. (100mm) C-Range IR Window
      • Kwik Twist
    • Manuals
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