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100% Focused. Every object, near and far.


Fluke Ti300


Fluke Ti400


Fluke Ti450


Fluke Ti480

Get clear, accurate focus on objects near and far with MultiSharp™ focus, or focus with laser speed and accuracy on your designated target with LaserSharp® Auto Focus. Easily navigate the menu and view images on a 3.5 inch, 640 x 480 touchscreen. Get more from your camera with an optional 2x or 4x telephoto or wide angle smart lens– no calibration required.

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Product specifications
  Ti300   Ti400   Ti450   Ti480
Image quality

240 x 180
See image


320 x 240
See image


320 x 240 (640 x 480 with SuperResolution)
See image


640 x 480 (1280 x 960 with SuperResolution)
See image

IFOV (spatial resolution)

1.75 mRad


1.31 mRad


0.93 mRad

Distance to spot






Thermal sensitivity

50 mK

Camera performance
Temp range

-20 °C to +650 °C


-20 °C to +1200 °C


-20 °C to +800 °C
(-4 °F to 1472 °F)

Remote control

Available in Q1 2017


Text, Voice, IR-PhotoNotes

Optional lenses

2x and 4x telephoto, wide angle


2x telephoto, wide angle

Included in all models
LaserSharp® Auto Focus, manual focus
IR-Fusion® AutoBlend mode and Picture-in-Picture
Video recording (standard and radiometric)
Streaming video (remote display)
Smart battery
Removable micro SD memory card, internal memory, save to USB flash drive capability
Fluke Connect®
Fluke Connect Smartview® software
*Best possible
Fluke Connect® »

See it. Save it. Share it.

Fluke Connect

File reports directly from the field: Communicate equipment status and next step recommendations immediately. Edit and analyze images and create reports on your smartphone.

SmartView® Software »

Desktop Analysis

SmartView Software

View, optimize and analyze infrared images, export to multiple file formats and create fully customizable and professional reports in a few simple steps.

Lenses »

See the impossible


Extend your applications with optional IR lenses, compatible with Professional series cameras: 2x and 4x telephoto and wide angle pre-calibrated smart lenses.

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