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Fluke 7-600 Electrical Tester

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Fluke 7-600 Electrical Tester
  • Fluke 7-600 Electrical Tester
  • Fluke 7-600 Electrical Tester
  • Put Electrical Tests on Automatic

    The 7-600 tester is designed for safe, automatic measurements of ac volts, dc volts, resistance and continuity. Simply turn on and use.

    Auto Selection simplifies voltage measurements in power environments. When measuring ohms/continuity with more than 4.5 volts present across the input jacks (intentional or not) the meter automatically switches to measuring ac or dc volts, whichever is greater. Input impedance is approximately 2kOhms, helping determine if voltage is from leakage (so-called "ghost" voltages) or a hard connection. Overload protection is provided in all measurement modes.

  •  Features at a glance

    • AC voltage
    • DC voltage
    • Resistance
    • Continuity Beeper
    • Auto Selection of volts ac, volts dc, resistance, and continuity
    • CAT III 600V
    • Digital display
    • Two year warranty
  • Technical Data
    Voltage DC Range and Resolution 40.00V, 400.0V, 600V
    Best Accuracy ±(1.5%+1)
    Voltage AC Range and Resolution 40.00V, 400.0V, 600V
    Best Accuracy ±(2.9%+3)
    Ohms Range and Resolution 400.0 Ω
    Best Accuracy ±(1.5%+1)
    Safety Specifications
    Electrical safety Fluke 7-600 EN61010- 1 CAT III 600V
    Agency approvals UL, CSA, TÜV and VDE listed
    Mechanical and General Specifications
    Size Without holster: 142.3 mm L x 70.5 mm W 34.6 mm D (5.55" L x 2.75" W x 1.35" D)
    Weight 286 g (10 oz)
    Batteries 9 volt
    Warranty Two years
    Battery life Alkaline, 650 hours continuous, sleep mode
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 7 Fluke 7-600 Electrical Tester


      • 9 volt battery (installed)
      • Owner's manual
      • TL75 Hard Point™ Test Leads
    • Manuals
      12B, 18, 7 Series Service Manual Download
      12B, 18, 7 Series Service Manual Supplement Download
      7-600 使用说明单 Download
      7-600 Instruction Sheet Download
      7-600 Fiche d´instruction Download
      7-600 Folha de instruções Download
      7-600 Hoja de instrucciones Download