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Fluke Analyst 3P Three-Phase Power Analyzer

This product is discontinued or reclassified

  • Three phase power, energy and harmonics analyzer applications

    The Analyst 3P is the ideal electrician’s tool for recording and analyzing power and energy in commercial and industrial facilities. The Analyst 3P combines the functionality of a voltage, current and power meter and a data logger in a single handheld instrument. This easy-to-use power analyzer records all the basic electrical parameters as well as harmonics and also captures voltage events.

    The Analyst 3P is suitable for:

    • Load studies on single and three phase loads
    • General voltage and current measurements and recording
    • Viewing voltage and current waveforms during commissioning of electrical equipment
    • Measuring and monitoring harmonic distortion caused by electronic loads
    • Monitoring of voltage events caused by load switching and faulty equipment
    • Generating reports on power system performance
    • Set up long-term recording in seconds for load studies.
    • Check for most common power quality issues with voltage event capture and harmonic analysis
    • Measure all three phases and neutral with included 4 flexible current probes
    • Compact, rugged form factor with IP65 protection, 600 V CAT III and 2-year warranty allows flexible use both in plant and in the field
    • Quick visualization with the oscilloscope function for voltage and current
    • Easily view trends and recorded data with popular included PQLogView software
    • Generate quality reports with report generator and screen snapshot functions
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke Analyst 3P Fluke Analyst 3P Three-Phase Power Analyzer


      • NiMH-battery-package
      • Mains adapter
      • Protection holster and carrying belt
      • RS232 interface
      • Current flex Set 3-phase
      • Carrying case
      • 2 m 3-phase voltage test lead
      • 4 dolphin clamps
      • PC-Software on CD-ROM, operating instructions
    • Manuals
      Analyst 3P Operators Information Download