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Introducing the FIRST ever Thermal Multimeter

You’re an electrician or technician responsible for keeping industrial systems up and running safely, efficiently, and cost effectively. Troubleshooting and diagnosing electrical problems accurately can take more time than you have. Narrow down the problem area in seconds without touching the equipment with the new Fluke 279 FC Thermal Multimeter, a full featured true-rms digital multimeter with a built-in thermal imager, wireless Fluke Connect ability, and iFlex functionality.

Let Fluke help you make a case for upgrading your digital multimeter by downloading 5 Reasons you need a multimeter with a built-in thermal imager


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    Download 5 Reasons to upgrade to a 279 FC
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Ideal for troubleshooting. Get noise-free and reliable results
every time.

Insulation testers are essential in any electrical system for proper and safe equipment operation per industry standards. The Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter offers maximum versatility by giving you the power of a digital insulation tester combined with a full-featured digital multimeter. Not sure which insulation resistance tester to choose or why you need one? Download the Insulation Testing Solution Guide that includes 6 tips for effective insulation testing.

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    Download Insulation
    Testing Solution Guide
Fluke 1587 Insulation Tester


Fluke Digital Multimeters and Clamp Meters designed with you in mind

Technological advances in electrical equipment and circuits make for more challenging shopping decisions. Let Fluke help you choose the right meter for the job, explain the features, and help keep you safe on the job.

Download The ABCs of DMMs or The ABCs of Clamp Meters to make the right choice about what is in your tool belt.

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    ABCs of DMMs
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    ABCs of Clamp Meters
DMM's and Clamp Meters


See hot and cold spots instantly.

Thermal images are an easy way to identify temperature differences in electrical circuits in vivid detail. Whether you’re looking for hot or cold spots, doing a quick inspection, or a panel study, Fluke thermal image cameras can catch small details before they become big problems. With a camera for every budget and every job, the infrared tool brochure helps you find the right tool for the job.

Recommended for electrical inspections the Performance Series of infrared cameras helps detect electrical unbalance and overloads with ease. Download the application note Detecting electrical unbalance and overloads for a how-to guide for inspecting three-phase electrical circuits.

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    Download Electrical Unbalance App Note
VT04 Ti125


Meet or exceed the safety standards for the
environments you work in.

Making a mistake while working on live electrical systems can deliver a deadly blow to anyone who fails to take the right safety precautions. Even the best of us can make mistakes when pushed for time.

Download the Fluke app note 10 Dumb things smart people do when testing electricity that provides you with a helpful checklist of what not to do when taking electrical measurements. Even better, sign-up for Fluke’s FREE electrical measurement safety online training course for more in-depth safe work practices.

Fluke 87v Multimeter
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The Internet of Things made easy.

The Fluke Connect® system allows you to oversee your complex world with a network of software and wireless tools to help prevent equipment failure. Bluetooth® enabled tools feed measurements directly into Fluke Connect Assets software, giving you the flexibility to start a preventive maintenance program with a single tool and expand at your own pace.

If your budget doesn’t allow for increased electrical distribution, but loads are expected to increase or change; it’s time to create a game plan for gauging available capacity. See one recommended approach using the Fluke Connect system for more efficient panel capacity assessments.

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